What’s new – 2023.4.

Welcome to Point 2023.4! The new Syskit Point comes with an entirely new look and feel, following our new company visual identity, and with a new highly-demanded homepage dashboard to give you a centralized tenant overview. It also brings a new feature, a Security and Compliance Dashboard that will take your inventory overview and governance to a completely new level – keep your environment secure and be efficient in your daily admin operations.

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Redesigned and revamped homepage experience – a glance over the state of your tenant 2023.4

We’re excited to introduce the new look and feel of Syskit Point, following our big company rebranding. Syskit Point has evolved over the years, from powerful reporting and permissions management to a complete all-in-one platform for management and governance of Microsoft 365. Our platform is scalable to support small and mid-size companies as well as meet the unique requirements of large enterprises. We want to provide you with a central place to gain a complete overview of your M365 inventory, perform powerful management actions, stay aware of all the important events and build collaborative governance processes. By providing solutions not just for IT, but also for business users and workspace owners, we also want to support you to enhance your digital employee experience and boost M365 adoption.

With the growth of platform capabilities, and evolving vision of the product to become your central point for administration, security, and compliance of the entire tenant, we also wanted to provide you a new homepage experience where you will get a complete glance over your Microsoft 365. Imagine it as a cockpit for your Microsoft 365 journey, offering the control, clarity, and confidence you need to navigate through the cloud.

The new Syskit Point homepage experience where you will get a complete glance over your Microsoft 365.

After months of collecting customer feedback and listening to your needs, detailed sketching, testing (kudos to our amazing UX and frontend teams), we are ready to present you a new user-friendly intuitive interface, and we hope it will deliver a seamless experience and a great starting point for your work in our platform. The new homepage brings a menu on the left hand-side, and a centralized dashboard which provides a detailed overview across your Microsoft 365 tenant, from there you can drill down and explore whatever you need. There is an overview of your workspaces, users, external collaboration, state of your storage and license consumption, overview of our new security and compliance checks and governance status related to lifecycle management.

The new homepage brings a seamless experience and a great starting point for your work in our platform.

Security & Compliance Dashboard – controlled inventory, protected environment 2023.4

The new Security and Compliance Dashboard, visible directly from your new Syskit Point home screen as well as a new separate dashboard, pinpoints the most important vulnerabilities and misalignments with Microsoft 365 best practices. These checks will help you stay aware and react quickly to keep your environment secure and under control.

Collecting all the important info about the security and compliance state of the environment might be a time-consuming and repetitive administration task. Syskit Point will perform regular security and compliance checks for you and present the results on your home screen as well as in the dedicated dashboard, from where you can click and drill down to a specific report to investigate further and decide if you want to take action and resolve a specific issue.

Security and Compliance Dashboard

Short overview:

  • Security and Compliance Dashboard – overview of all checks, along with the severity, the number of detected vulnerabilities, and an option to drill down for more details and take actions. Increase visibility and keep your governance processes under control.
  • Actions – you can decide to take actions and resolve each vulnerability (e.g., remove user, remove license), ask or remind owners to resolve a specific issue related to their workspace, or you can accept the risk and disable detection for a defined period of time. Be efficient and save time!
  • Automation – with the Policy Automation feature, you get a powerful engine that helps you auto-apply governance policies to all needed workspaces according to the conditions you set up. Setup and enable various policies, make sure to prevent risks and resolve potential misalignments automatically – ensure continuous cleanup and maintenance.

Security and Compliance Dashboard – what you get and how it works 2023.4

Here is a short overview of vulnerabilities that Syskit Point can detect for you to help keep your tenant safe, compliant, and under control.

  • Workspaces with not enough owners – Having a minimum of two owners in Microsoft Teams and Groups is a best practice because it provides a backup in case one owner becomes unavailable or leaves the organization. Automate assigning additional Owners to avoid having many orphaned workspaces and ensure a healthy environment – by setting up this policy, Point will send a task to existing owners and ask them to assign new ones.
  • Workspaces with too many owners – Having too many owners means no one will feel responsible for workspace management and decision making will be inefficient. Automate asking existing owners to remove excess owners and ensure efficiency and clear responsibility.
  • Orphaned workspaces – Owners play a crucial role in the lifecycle of a workspace. If a workspace doesn’t have active owners, no one is responsible for access and content management. Automate assigning workspace owners to ensure there is always someone responsible for workspace administration.
  • Orphaned users – Orphaned users have been disabled or deleted in Azure AD but this does not revoke their SharePoint permissions. If you enable those users in the future, they will regain access to all previously shared content. Regularly remove orphaned users to keep your environment clean and easily maintainable without risking unwanted access.
  • Blocked users with assigned licenses – Users with blocked sign-in have assigned licenses that could be reallocated to active users. Remove licenses from blocked users to optimize license cost.
  • Inactive guest users – Inactive guest users can present a security risk. It’s a best practice to remove them once collaboration with them is finished to prevent risk, reduce clutter, and simplify user management. Automate guest user recertification to keep your environment clean, secure, and manageable.
Automate assigning additional Owners to avoid having many orphaned workspaces and ensure a healthy environment.

This is the first pack of checks, play around see how it works. With upcoming releases we plan to extend this list and build a central point for you to follow your environment’s health, improve security, and compliance.

UI update – Automated Workflows are now Policies 2023.4

Recently we added a new Policy Automation feature which helps you to auto-apply policies across workspaces according to the rules and conditions you set up. Now we made a small change in the Governance settings menu. If you want to define and create your policies, you will now find them under “Policies”, which used to be called “Automated Workflows”. The feature remains the same, you can continue using it. The new feature for auto-applying policies can be found under Policy Automation in the navigation. Go create your policies, and then set up how they should work around the environment, and let Point take care of it!

Auto-apply policies across workspaces according to the rules and conditions you set up