What’s new – 19.0.

Welcome to Point 19.0.! With the new governance automations, ensure company policies are properly enforced and stay compliant by including data owners as reliable partners. Not yet a customer? Try it for free.

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Enforce At Least Two Owners 19.0.

Once Syskit Point detects a team with less than two owners, it asks the current sole owner to assign a new one to help them manage the team. If no one takes responsibility for the non-compliant team, Point offers a set of escalation measures to minimize administrative tasks.

Office 365 best practices - min number of owners

These measures such as auto-archival, auto-deletion, or delegation to a higher instance can help you ensure that your teams are well-governed without manual intervention.

Enforce a Maximum Number of Owners 19.0.

Detect all teams and groups with too many owners and ensure that all unnecessary ones are removed. Delegation to higher instances, such as managers and admins, as well as an automated removal action, can help you keep your teams in compliance with these governance policies.

Maximum 5 owners

Depending on the group and team type and purpose, you can define different rules for a maximum number of owners and apply accordingly.

Clean Up Orphaned Workspaces 19.0.

If a team ends up ownerless, no one is left to ensure data safety, collaboration, and proper membership management. This is where the new governance workflow jumps in by automatically assigning the last owner’s manager, asking members to suggest a new owner, or letting admins decide who should be a new owner.

Office 365 best practices - orphaned workspace

Depending on the data’s sensitivity, you can create and apply different policies to different groups and teams to keep your environment free of orphaned teams.

Recertify Your Guest Users 19.0.

With a new guest user recertification workflow, ensure that guest users are reviewed on a periodical basis or whenever Point detects them as inactive. The newest version brings automated removal of guest users that no one takes responsibility for, leaving your environment completely secure.

automated removal of guest users

Simpler External Users Reporting 19.0.

See which sites and how many of them have external users immediately on the main Sites overview. When generating an external sharing report, Point will help you prefilter the sites that have external users detected.

Office 365 external users report - refined

If you want to focus only on File and Page Activities or Site Permissions Changes related to external users, you can do it with updated filters for Audit log reports. The same is possible for the User Activities report if you are interested in external sharing activities.