What’s new – 18.0.

Welcome to Point 18.0.! The new release brings a couple of new features and customizations. You can review specific sites, teams, and groups, set up security alerts, and measure service adoption in your environment. Not yet a customer? Try it for free.

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Automate Detection of Suspicious Activities 18.0.

We delivered a new alerting feature in Syskit Point to help you automate regular checkups on suspicious activities! You can receive proactive notifications directly to your email in a timely manner.

Office 365 alerts email notification

Moreover, you can explore these alerts furthermore either directly from your inbox or by using a detailed audit log in Syskit Point.

alert notification details

There are multiple security alerts that will help you keep an eye on:

  • External collaboration
  • Group membership changes
  • Changes in team, group, and site settings
  • User activities
  • Sharing across the environment
  • File activities

Get the right information at the right time! You can configure alerts for a specific user type (external or internal), particular IP ranges, everything outside a whitelisted range, or even by those who performed a particular action.

 configure alerts

SysKit Point lets your owners configure alerts for their teams, groups, and sites in two clicks, without requiring any additional administrative privileges.

Customize Permissions Review 18.0.

Syskit Point enables you to schedule regular access reviews and empower your owners to take responsibility for their content’s security. Syskit Point sends automated tasks to their emails and asks them to review owners and members and validate sharing across their teams, groups, or sites. The streamlined wizard leads them through the process and ensures complete visibility for both owners and Office 365 administrators.

And now, from this version, you can go fully custom! You can create multiple permission review policies and have them applied to selected sites, teams, and groups. Syskit Point will guide you to create multiple permission review templates based on your needs.

new Office 366 access review policy

For instance, the same security rules may not apply to the HR and Marketing department. So, with this customization you can choose the level of the access review for your content owners to perform. Is it only external sharing or a complete recertification of users and sharing, we leave it up to you.

apply office 365 access review policies

For each permission review policy, you can define:

  • The owner who will be responsible for the review process
  • The type of content that needs to be reviewed (internally or externally shared content, groups, teams, or the entire content)
  • The specific sites, teams, and groups to apply the policy
  • The interval of how often the reviewneeds to occur

Optimize your Budget With Office 365 License Reports 18.0.

Use the new Syskit Point licensing reports to gain deeper insight into your Microsoft 365 license consumption and overall spending. Monitor:

  • license usage,
  • unassigned licenses,
  • underutilized licenses,
  • which licenses can be reallocated or degraded to a lower-cost edition.
office 365 license overview

Without a proper offboarding mechanism, admins may forget to remove a license from a person who left the company. With the new Point licensing reports, it’s easy to reclaim licenses assigned to inactive, blocked, or deleted users and optimize license cost.

office 365 inactive licenses

We’ve also added a detailed report about license costs per Department or Country to ensure accurate billing in your organization.

Drive ROI With Analytics and Adoption Reports 18.0.

With the latest version of SysKit Point analytics reports, you can easily visualize and analyze how the entire organization or specific departments utilize different Microsoft 365 services. You can explore in one centralized dashboard:

  • SharePoint Online activity and content usage
  • Microsoft Teams channel and chat activities
Microsoft Teams analytics - chat
  • The meeting habits of your employees
Microsoft Teams analytics - meetings

There is no need to export or share reports with your end-users.

By simply logging into Syskit Point, they will get detailed reports on their teams and groups activities, including the most popular pages, documents, or the most active team channels.

Sharepoint analytics