Syskit Point Architecture Diagrams


Syskit Point Architecture Diagram


Syskit Point is being deployed as an Azure App application into an Azure subscription. The individual components can be scaled as needed based on the size of the customer or the amount of data.

Microsoft 365 Estate With Syskit Point

Syskit Point integrates with your Microsoft 365 infrastructure to provide you with a comprehensive understanding of your Microsoft 365 estate.

Syskit Point Azure Network Diagram

By default, the Front-end and Back-end app services are accessible from the Public Internet. The rest of the utilized Azure resources – Key Vault, Azure SQL Server, Azure Cosmos DB and Storage Account – are secured behind firewalls and private connections. When deploying Syskit Point, there are two options available when considering Azure network resources.

Syskit Point Reference Architecture Diagram

A reference architecture diagram is a model of the infrastructure that Syskit Point’s Microsoft commercial marketplace solution relies on.