Optimize SharePoint storage in Microsoft 365

The continuous workspace sprawl, followed by data growth, Microsoft-enforced versioning, and the underlying costs of getting additional storage, are stressful – especially when you need to do all the monitoring and planning manually.

It’s one of those challenges we all take for granted and learn to live with, but it doesn’t have to be like that. You can control and manage your storage effectively and optimize your costs.

Sprawl and rapid data growth

Organizations are constantly producing and storing vast amounts of data, which leads to rapid and often unchecked growth of Microsoft 365 Groups, Teams, OneDrive files, and SharePoint storage.

Unexpected costs

Without the tools for proactive management and optimization, organizations struggle to manage data sprawl across departments and must continuously purchase extra SharePoint storage.

Storage shortage

If a tenant runs out of SharePoint storage, it will be locked until additional storage is purchased, making it vital for organizations to avoid storage shortages. It is hard to do this without timely information and storage alerts.

Challenge: No storage optimization

The lack of centralized visibility and control of your SharePoint storage consumption means you’re only aware that you’re running out of SharePoint storage at the last moment. Then you have to scramble and get additional storage or quickly try to free up space.

It’s a time-consuming reactive process that causes unnecessary stress and results in unoptimized budgets.

And it’s all due to a lack of proper tools for proactive management and optimization of SharePoint storage in your Microsoft 365 environment.

The Syskit Point advantage

With Syskit Point in your toolbelt, you can make informed and proactive decisions without being cornered.

Syskit Point’s SharePoint storage optimization gives you a centralized storage overview that will provide you with detailed insight into how you’re using your storage and notify you once your tenant reaches a storage threshold, among other benefits:

Centralized visibility

Gain centralized visibility of storage consumption across your tenant – down to the file level.

Proactive storage management

Anticipate storage issues and proactively make informed decisions to prevent any interruptions.

Accurate insight

Understand what is taking up most of your space and identify unusual SharePoint storage spikes.

Optimized budget

Identify cost-saving and cleanup opportunities​ without affecting business continuity.