Control and manage external user access

Microsoft 365 is flexible in managing collaboration, but there’s uncertainty about user access and permissions.

Sharing sensitive information happens faster than you can react, and it’s hard to detect who’s behind it quickly.

The inability to restrict external access to your confidential data may result in unauthorized use.

To do it effectively, you have to stay aware of all the access risks that come with collaboration opportunities.

The Syskit Point advantage

Here’s how its powerful reporting can boost the security of your environment:

  • See external users that have access to a specific SharePoint site.
  • Quickly identify all Groups and Teams with guest users.
  • Report on all external users able to access specific parts of the tenant.
  • Generate a list of all anonymous sharing links within the entire Teams environment.
  • Automatically review external sharing and guest users – periodically or whenever Point detects them as inactive. 
  • Generate an audit trail of external users’ activities – confirming if users are active before removing them from the tenant. 
  • See who created anonymous links in the past 30 days. 
  • Report on all external users’ activity across your Teams environment. 
  • Remove all links and stop sharing access with a single click. 
  • Generate a list of all workloads to which external users have access.
Anton Dorfmann Loacker

Syskit Point was everything we needed, right from the beginning: clear, intuitive, and super easy to use. It was a way better match than any other tool, not only from the financial aspect but technical as well.

Anton Dorfmann CMS & Collaboration Manager at Loacker