Enhance the security of your Microsoft 365 tenant

Complete overview of permissions, sharing and user actions. Take necessary actions to prevent security problems and data leaks, stay compliant with regulations and keep the data secured in your environment.

Be aware of your M365 health – stay compliant and keep it secured 

Discover the most critical vulnerabilities and misalignments with Microsoft 365 best practices. Set up automated actions to keep your environment secure and under control in real time.

Proactively detect suspicious
actions with alerts

Receive proactive notifications directly to your email – for example, when a suspicious user action or sharing is detected. Customize alerts, react promptly, and keep your environment secure.

Control access with policies and regular reviews

Access only for the right people is crucial – by enforcing automated access review requests you can be sure that this is checked regularly! Delegate responsibility from IT team to owners, who have operational knowledge of who should have access to their resources.

syskit point security
syskit point security solution
Rimac nevera

Fast, responsive, helpful, friendly, and open for suggestions – that’s how I would describe the Syskit team. And the tool – works flawlessly from day one, giving us great governance and security benefits for our Teams!

Robert Preskar Head of IT projects, ERP, and digitalization

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