What’s new – 2023.3.

Welcome to Point 2023.3! With this version, we are bringing a new governance feature to help admins get even more control over workspace lifecycle management and maintenance. Try Governance Policy Automation for operational efficiency, compliance, and security.

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New in Governance: Policy Automation – efficiency, control, compliance 2023.3

Each organization has different requirements related to how and where they can create new workspaces and which governance policies need to be applied for each specific case or based on workspace properties (for example, type, privacy, sensitivity, and purpose). Usually, without a solution in place, managing and applying policies across workspaces takes a lot of manual work, IT tickets, and a retroactive approach for already provisioned (old) workspaces, leading to a higher risk of non-compliance and operational inefficiency.

With Syskit Point, you can manage the entire workspaces lifecycle – from creation (provisioning) to its end of life (cleanup), and with our latest governance upgrade – Policy Automation, bring the maintenance of workspaces to an entirely new level.

With this new feature, Policy Automation, you get a powerful engine that helps you auto-apply policies to all needed workspaces according to the conditions and rules you set up. Proper governance, in general, needs well-set-up procedures that enable a better and safer collaboration experience for your end users. When these procedures are supported by automation and tools, which Point brings, it saves a lot of time, making sure you achieve compliance with organizational policies and industry regulations, your data is safe, and no workspace is left behind.

How it works – rules to auto-apply policies across workspaces 2023.3

With Syskit Point, you can set up and apply various policies such as min/max number of owners, orphaned resources, access reviews for owners, etc. With the new Policy Automation, you can ensure that the right policy will be applied to all necessary workspaces depending on the rules you fill with conditions and priorities. Conditions can include workspace type, privacy, sharing settings, and more.

How it works: If {condition} is satisfied -> then apply {policies}

For example: For a Team with privacy set as “Private” apply the “monthly access review” policy.

If you wish to review access for all private Teams every month, you will need to create a rule through a guided wizard, choose these criteria/conditions and let the tool do its magic. Every time Syskit Point detects a private Team, it will apply the access review policy that will be run monthly.

Every workspace is monitored and included in this process, regardless of how it is created – in Point or elsewhere. Once you activate the automation, it will be applied even to all pre-existing workspaces and all new ones that will be created in the future (again, depending on conditions). You will also be able to preview workspaces that meet the criteria before launching it and, after, check those where it was applied.

If we imagine that by the end of the year, you will be able to use MS Copilot to create new sites, with Point, you won’t have to worry about potential chaos and numerous unmanaged sites. If they fit the policy automation conditions, Point will ensure they are also properly governed, just like any other site you control.

Data protection, properly set up processes, and access for the right people is crucial – by automatically enforcing policies, you can ensure everything is maintained properly and checked regularly. Automate governance throughout the workspace lifecycle – save time, stay compliant, and gain complete control.