What’s new – 16.0.

Welcome to Point 16.0.! The new release brings a couple of new features and customizations. You can explore security and compliance at a glance with Point’s new Dashboard and track Hub sites in all Point reports. Not yet a customer? Try it for free.

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Audit your Security and Compliance at a Glance with Point’s New Dashboard 16.0.

Get a simple overview of your entire Office 365 environment. See the information about your tenant inventory, users, and overview of external sharing. This will not just help you figure out what you have, but also see what has changed in the last 30 days.

The dashboard will also warn you about potential security risks like Orphaned groups. It shows a progress report on automated Permissions reviews and Lifecycle management making it an ideal entry point to start your experience with Syskit Point.

Office 365 governance and security dashboard

Check out SharePoint Groups in a New Report 16.0.

Are you using SharePoint groups extensively to manage your SharePoint Online permissions? Keeping track of all the SharePoint groups, their members, and site permissions requires you to go through each site one at a time and find which SharePoint groups have access to it.

SysKit Point complements Microsoft 365 admin center by displaying all SharePoint groups and their activity information in a single report.

SharePoint groups report

Manage and Explore Permissions Better with Improved User Access 16.0.

Tracking down all the different workloads and services to which a user has access is a huge task for admins. Keeping that in mind, we made further improvements to Point’s User Access report by giving even more details on each user’s permission type and source of permissions. With the latest version, you can manage all permissions down to the file level directly from that report.

Office 365 user access report is improved

Find Hub Sites and Explore their Details 16.0.

Hub sites provide an important building block for your intranet. In the past, we used subsites to define structure and hierarchy in the workspace for each department. But with the prevalence of cloud environments, this role is now on the hub site.

Syskit Point will now show you which sites belong to specific hubs, and what is a central hub site. You can use a hub site filter in all the existing reports to identify who has access to the department or project-specific sites, like Administration or Marketing sites.

Hub site support in Point reports