What’s new – 2023.1.

With SysKit Point’s newest improvements, you’ll be covered head-to-toe to deal with all your M365 governance challenges. Discover Access Requests, the latest tool in your collaborative governance toolkit, and maximize your admins’ and end users’ productivity.

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New governance policy: Access Requests 2023.1

Large and highly regulated organizations often use a complex ticketing system to handle workspace access requests from end users. Their IT teams receive numerous tickets and waste plenty of time resolving every single one, as they lack the context for different teams’ admission rights.

Syskit Point’s latest governance policy helps you streamline the workspace access approval process and keep everything under control, introducing significant productivity benefits for both workspace owners and admins.

Firstly, the admin sets up a governance policy, Access Requests, defining the following:

  • A custom approval process – the users included, and if it should be automated.
  • The kind of access users can request per workspace type – members, users, or visitors.
  • We support Microsoft 365 Groups, Teams, SharePoint sites, distribution lists, security groups, and mail-enabled security groups.
access requests syskit point

Once the policy is saved, admins can manage where they want to apply it. This enables your end users to easily search and see not only public workspaces but also those with the applied policy.

They can request access directly from our Point Teams app, where approvers will be able to manage those requests. Meanwhile, admins can oversee and control all the actions (joining, approvals, etc.) from Syskit Point.

Workspaces Centre for end users 2023.1

With automated governance policies running in the background, admins keep the data secure and maintain control while end users become less dependent on the support team.

The Point Teams app is a one-stop location that gives your end users visibility across different workspaces and eliminates complexity by preventing duplicate requests. With a few clicks, they can:

  • See the workspaces where they are already members or owners.
  • Monitor all access requests they sent or received, their status, and available actions.
  • Quickly search through available workspaces to avoid sprawl and duplicates.
  • Request new workspaces using provisioning templates with all policies and approval processes already in place.
list of workspaces

Point Teams app: Self-service for end users’ access requests and approvals 2023.1

Your end users no longer need the IT team’s help to join workspaces.

From a single location, they can now effortlessly manage workspace access:

  • Find the list of all public workspaces and those with an applied policy.
  • Send access requests to the owner, join public workspaces, add comments, or require a specific role.
  • The workspace approvers specified by the admin can easily revise all access requests and approve or reject them. The owners know their resources the best – their purpose, who is collaborating on what, and who should be added to a project or switch teams.
access requests syskit point

Notifications for requests and approvals are visible in the Teams app and email inbox.

Introduce your end users to self-reliant workspace management, empower them to work faster, and simplify the process.

Access request - SysKit Point

Management of distribution lists and mail-enabled security groups 2023.1

Regarding workspace types, Syskit Point now supports distribution lists and mail-enabled security groups in addition to Microsoft 365 Groups, Microsoft Teams, SharePoint sites, and security groups.

Your admins get a better workspace overview and bulk management options from a single location.

End users, on the other hand, can now see even the workspaces that used to be available only after contacting IT. They can manage access requests independently, allowing your IT to prioritize more important tasks.