Report Examples

SharePoint Permission Reports Examples

  • Take control over permissions across your environment. Choose the SharePoint object, level of content, principals, and type of permissions and generate the reports. You can export your reports in Excel to filter and analyze generated data. See the examples below:

Group Reports Examples

  • Create and export reports on SharePoint, Security, and Office 365 Groups and their members, including guest users. See the examples below:

Externally Shared Content Reports Examples

  • See what is shared with people outside your company, both via anonymous links and via email. Choose the SharePoint objects, content level, and securable objects for which you want the reports to generate. See the examples below:

User Reports Examples

  • Have a clear insight into principals with privileged access on your tenant or web application. Export the report, filter and analyze the data. See the examples below:

Cleanup Reports Examples

  • Keep your environment clean and avoid clutter. Check the orphaned users, users without permissions, and much more. See the examples below:

Health Check Reports Examples

  • Make sure you are compliant with the Microsoft best practices and control the health of your environment. Our exportable health check reports will help you with that. See the examples below:

Microsoft Teams Reports Examples

  • Keep the track of all Microsoft Teams guest users inside a selected tenant and make sure you have set up Teams settings across the tenant correctly. See the examples below:

OneDrive Reports Examples

  • Check the guest users for each OneDrive in a selected tenant and keep control of your orphaned OneDrive accounts. Generate, export, and analyze OneDrive reports. See the examples below:

Office 365 Groups Report Example

  • Generate, export, and analyze reports with guest users for each Office 365 group in a selected tenant. See the example below: