Manage user offboarding in Microsoft 365

Offboarding happens every day and can lead to many issues, especially if the person leaving has a prominent position.

The issues that can happen range from important business data getting into the wrong hands, losing business-critical files and information, wasting time ensuring business continuity, or intentional malicious actions in the worst-case scenario.

To prevent these headaches, your team needs to be able to react quickly and confidently to manage user offboarding in Microsoft 365 successfully.

Challenge: Slow, inefficient, ineffective offboarding

Offboarding is not just stressful for the person leaving an organization. The challenges of an inadequate offboarding take a toll on your time, money, and the IT team.

No centralized control

The lack of centralized control requires IT admins to jump from one admin center to the next to see a user’s access, permissions, ownership of resources, and the actions they have done.

This creates extra work for IT and slows down reaction times.

Unoptimized resources

In addition to losing time, one other resource often falls through the cracks when you have a poor offboarding system – money.

Licenses cost money, and without the ability to easily oversee how many you have, you could be leaving money on the table.

Security threats

A sudden offboarding can require immediate action for security purposes, especially when the person leaving is a senior executive or someone whose job requires exceptional access to sensitive data.

Without the proper solutions and tools, reaction times can be slow, and the data can be exposed for far too long.

The Syskit Point advantage

With Syskit Point in your toolbelt, your team can effortlessly manage the offboarding process in Microsoft 365.

They can quickly and easily achieve the following:

Manage user access

Manage user access and grant, remove, copy, transfer, or edit user access quickly and how you see fit.

Optimize license costs

Optimize costs by discovering inactive licenses and removing them so that you can reallocate unused licenses.

Investigate user actions

Investigate user actions and find the files they interacted with, without the M365 90-day limit.

Identify and clean up

Identify and clean up all permissions and memberships after a user leaves the company.

Change ownership

Quickly and effortlessly change ownership of assets to ensure business continuity.

The pharmaceutical industry is heavily regulated, and it would be impossible to run reports that give an overview of users, groups, and what they have access to without Syskit Point!

Ulfar Helgason Head of IT at Coripharma