All the Tools You Need for Exceptional Enterprise Monitoring and Administration

SharePoint, Office 365, Windows Server, RDS, Citrix Environments

SysKit Point - Centralized Office 365 Governance and Security Management Tool

All admins will agree that Office 365 governance can be pretty complicated. Well, not with SysKit Point. It covers all areas, from permissions to Teams and Groups. It will also:

 Allow you to explore permissions for each user or group

 Audit all user actions in Office 365 & stop any malicious behavior

 Manage Microsoft 365 Groups and Microsoft Teams in bulk

 Take control of OneDrive security & external sharing

 Monitor user adoption and content popularity trends

office 365 governance tool

“By Far the Best & Easiest Tool To Use”

“For Managing and Documenting the security of our Sharepoint Online environment, by far the best and easiest tool to use. It helps to understand the settings of our Sites and Libraries”

Frans Kluijtmans, Senior System Administrator, Royal Mosa


SPDocKit - The Ultimate SharePoint Admin Tool

Some of the main benefits of SPDocKit are immense time-saving features, an increase in data security, and the automatization of routine tasks. If you are wondering how one tool can do all this, check this out:

 Create professional-looking SharePoint farm documentation

 Validate SharePoint farm configuration according to best practices

 View all the changes on your farm, so you can keep your data secure

 See how your farm is being used with Analytics reports

 Compare farms and manage SharePoint permissions

“One of the most essential tools on our SharePoint toolbelt”

“We use it during every health check to get a feel for the customer’s environment and to quickly assess the basic health of the farm before we dive in any deeper. We also don’t create those boring “as-built” documents by hand anymore but let SPDocKit do the hard work for us. Can’t live without it.”

Thomas Vochten, Microsoft MVP, Solution Architect, Xylos

SysKit Insights - The Powerful SharePoint Monitoring Tool

SysKit Insights will make your farm safe and give you peace of mind. It will constantly monitor performance and speed, and alert you instantly if any problem arises. It will also shave hours off of your troubleshooting and:

 Enable you to search & filter ULS logs across all servers and farms

 Monitor all existing SharePoint relevant performance counters

 Monitor page speed & health, and ensure optimal user experience

 Receive real-time email alerts

“SysKit Insights is my go-to tool to separate the wheat from the chaff”

“ULS logs are nice, but making heads or tails of them when SharePoint is on fire is tough. SysKit Insights is my go-to tool to separate the wheat from the chaff and get to the heart of what’s making SharePoint so unhappy.”

Todd Klindt, SharePoint MVP

SysKit Monitor - Enterprise Server Monitoring & Administration Tools

Whether you have a Windows server farm, or Citrix installed on top of them, you must have a tool that will help you regarding server performance, user activity monitoring, and much more. This is where SysKit Monitor comes in that will:

 Keep track of user logons, logoffs, and if they are active or idle

 Monitor all existing performance counters in real-time

 See which users were using certain apps & for how long

 Crawl your system and report detailed inventory data

“We Use SysKit Monitor Daily”

“We use SysKit Monitor daily to monitor our Citrix XenDesktop/App environment. It has enabled us to be proactive, resolving issues before they start.
David Kahn, Citrix Admin, SUNY Oswego