Secure and manage Microsoft Teams

The number of people using Microsoft Teams daily has doubled yearly and is currently close to 300 million. Microsoft Teams has done a great deal to improve work operations and communication.

Challenge: Ineffective management and inadequate security

Microsoft Teams is a powerful collaboration tool that is integrated with everything an employee might need, but it comes with its challenges. It is not a fire-and-forget tool.

If left unsupervised, Microsoft Teams can lead to multiple challenges in your tenant. The most important aspects being security and management.

Everyone uses collaboration platforms, and this means that anything can happen. From people naturally creating a disorganized environment with redundant teams to data security breaches.

These challenges include:

  • Lack of visibility of all teams.
  • Overburdened IT due to many requests by end users.
  • Teams sprawl when end users can freely create teams.
  • Lack of permission oversight.
  • Uncontrolled external sharing.

Solution: Secured and completely managed Microsoft Teams

Fortunately, the improvement of Microsoft Teams has been followed by the improvement of the tools necessary to manage and secure it properly.

Syskit Point, our management and governance platform for Microsoft 365, gives you complete visibility, security, and control over Microsoft Teams in your organization.

See all teams in one report

See all types of teams in your tenant and associated groups in a single report.

Detect all channels and users

Detect all private channels and their users, find orphaned teams and assign new owners.

Find guest users

Find all the teams guest users in one report. Keep your management in the loop.

Gain visibility across Microsoft Teams

Syskit Point enables you to easily gain complete visibility across Microsoft Teams.

With it in your toolbelt, you can find all teams, see members and owners, see public, private, and shared channels.

Secure Microsoft Teams

Stay on top of guest access and external sharing and ensure your organization’s safety.

With Syskit Point, you can quickly:

Secure your data

Collaborate with owners to keep the data secured – manage user permissions.

Quickly perform actions

Add or remove your team owners, members, guest users, and sharing links from teams with one click.

Manage effortlessly

Manage teams with ease – add members in bulk, copy teams, and manage their settings.

Explore audit logs

Check teams’ related audit logs for a custom period of time.

Set up alerts

Set up automated alerts you need according to various activities, IP addresses, user types, and more.

Simplify workspace creation

Set up multiple provisioning templates with different approval scenarios to simplify workspace creation for your users.

Empower content owners

Empower content owners to be able to check their workspaces at any time, see members, content, and how it is being shared.

Set up different policies

Set up policies that will help you automate governance, such as minimum or maximum number of owners, orphaned workspace cleanup, or guest user recertification.

Gain control over Microsoft Teams

Set the pace you want and control who can create new workspaces and under what conditions. By using provisioning templates, you simplify workspace creation for your end users and also avoid sprawl.

And you can set up different policies for the entire workspace lifecycle that will lift the burden from your IT team and enable content owners to do their part.


Fast, responsive, helpful, friendly, and open for suggestions – that’s how I would describe the Syskit team. And the tool – works flawlessly from day one, giving us great governance and security benefits for our Teams!

Robert Preskar Head of IT projects, ERP, and digitalization at Rimac Group