What’s new – 2022.2.

SysKit Point customized provisioning templates leveled up! Manage the availability of each template per user or group, control how content is shared, and boost your security. We did some major back-end optimizations to make it run even faster, UX polishing and launched many improvements. Not yet a customer? Schedule a demo.

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Manage the Availability of Provisioning Templates 2021.12

Syskit Point customized provisioning templates help you take control of your Microsoft 365 workspaces creation. As you already know, you can use it to enforce company security policies and enable self-service for your internal teams to request new Microsoft Teams, Office 365 Groups, SharePoint Sites, and Yammer Communities. To help you get even more control over these templates, you can now easily manage and define their availability for users and groups!

Define your templates as visible only for certain users or groups by selecting them, or based on an Azure Active Directory property (e.g., enable specific templates only for Finance or Marketing, specific job roles, or locations). Multiple conditions can be applied to ensure that the right users have access to a specific provisioning template.

Microsoft Teams Template
Microsoft Teams Template Specific Users

Outlook and Sharing Settings for Provisioning Templates 2021.12

Every organization is different and has its own set of governance policies for creating new sites, groups, and Teams. That’s why we’ve made the provisioning process of new resources even more customizable! We know how easy it is to share content using Microsoft 365, and with new settings, you can elevate security to a higher level and control sharing for each template. Admins can choose how users share content in a provisioned site, how access requests work, if external senders can email the group, and more.

Additional options for Teams provisioning

New Alert: Sensitivity Label Changes 2021.11

We all know how important it is to react quickly to potential security issues. That’s why we’ve added an alert to inform you when the sensitivity label changes! Sensitivity labels are used to classify sensitive content, and we’re sure you want to know immediately when someone changes that highly confidential site from private to public. An alert can be enabled tenant-wide or on specific Microsoft Teams, Microsoft 365 Groups, or sites.

Sensitivity Label Alert

Optimizations for Smoother Point Performance 2022.2

In today’s busy work environment, getting information quickly is essential. But how do you achieve that if you work in a large Microsoft 365 environment with thousands of users and sites? In this release, we’ve made many back-end improvements and optimized data syncing, making SysKit Point faster than ever.

New Automation: Disable Guest Users in Azure AD 2021.12

Verifying guest users’ access is one of the most important aspects of managing security. It’s recommended to disable or delete guest users if you’re not working with them anymore. That’s why we’ve added an option to automatically disable guest users inside the Guest Users Expiration policy if they were not verified on time.

Sensitivity Sub-labels in Provisioning Templates 2021.12

Sensitivity labels are used to classify and protect your documents. They can be organized hierarchically, meaning labels can have more sub-labels. Now, SysKit Point supports sub-labels inside provisioning templates.

UX Improvements 2022.1

We continuously improve the user experience to make SysKit Point even more intuitive and easy to use. Some of the improvements are:
– improved UX when applying governance policies,
– improved validations in provisioning templates,
– improved descriptions for policy violation tasks and actions.