Get ready for Microsoft Copilot with Syskit Point

Microsoft Copilot will help end-users create new content quickly, but it will also have a great impact on IT admins when considering security and governance. Syskit Point can help you assess and prepare your tenant, manage user access and permissions, and ensure your environment aligns with the operational demands of Microsoft Copilot.

Overshared and exposed data

Copilot has access to all the content that a user has permission to. Overshared and sensitive data can unknowingly be accessed and used by Copilot, creating a large security threat.

Stale and redundant data

Copilot can have access to old and redundant data and can present that information as fact. This creates misleading and inaccurate content.

Permissions management

IT teams should review user permissions before they assign a Microsoft Copilot license to ensure users have access to the right content.

Challenge: Information governance and control of GenAI

Using Microsoft Copilot can expose content and sensitive data in your organization, both internally and externally. Information that is unprotected and overshared can be easily accessed through Copilot and can pose a serious security threat.

Data sprawl and poor information management can reduce the value of Microsoft Copilot by providing old or incorrect results.  Many organizations do not have proper content lifecycle management procedures in place to deal with stale and redundant content.

Real-time and detailed Microsoft 365 reports

Syskit Point gives you a tenant-wide view or you can choose individual workspaces to report on. You can instantly generate and export the reports you need, and perform management actions in bulk straight from the reports.

  • Group access report

    The Group Access report is essential for managing and minimizing the risk of oversharing information and helps prepare your environment for Copilot by enabling IT Teams to quickly assess and mitigate any potential oversharing with large groups.  This report:

    • Provides insight into where particular group’s have access to across the entire environment.
    • Helps identify where oversharing might be occurring.
    • Enables immediate interventions from the report and remove access in bulk.
  • User access report

    The User Access Report is a vital tool for ensuring that users have the appropriate access levels before being granted Copilot licenses. Using the User Access report, IT teams can:

    • Perform in-depth analysis of user permissions and memberships, identifying potential oversharing risks.
    • Get up-to-date information on user permissions.
    • Understand details whether permissions are given directly or through groups, offering a full view of access levels.
    • Immediately remove user access for one or multiple workspaces in bulk, directly from the report.
  • Sharing links report

    The Sharing Links Report is crucial for preparing environments for Copilot by offering real-time insights and direct actions to remove risky sharing links, such as anonymous and company-wide links, in bulk. IT teams can:

    • Locate all files and folders shared via links in real-time, providing a comprehensive view of all shared content.
    • Utilize filters and search to target specific types of workspaces, link types, or specific sites.
    • Remove specific or multiple sharing links in bulk from within the report, enhancing efficiency and security.

The Syskit Point advantage

With Syskit Point in your toolbelt, you can prepare your tenant for Microsoft Copilot and keep it secure as users increasingly utilize the power of AI.

Syskit Point’s robust reporting, permissions management, and governance features helps minimize the risks of oversharing and outdated content on a large scale.

Prepare your tenant

Ensure that Microsoft 365 Copilot has access to the right data. With Syskit Point, you can minimize oversharing and widely accessible content. You can evaluate existing sharing links and set up alerts for sharing activities and privacy changes.

Check user permissions

Before you assign any Microsoft Copilot licenses, you should review all user permissions. Syskit Point lets you easily detect which users, groups, and external collaborators have access to your data, down to the file level.

Automations and policies

Use Syskit Point as a continuous monitoring solution that uses policies to enforce correct workspace setup, sharing settings, provides real-time alerts, automatically removes obvious oversharing and identifies inactive content and workspaces.

Continuous access review

IT teams should include workspace owners to ensure that access to content is regularly re-certified. With Syskit Point you can establish regular access reviews and set up rules to ensure new workspaces are being reviewed.

Lifecycle management

Prevent Microsoft Copilot in misleading end users by confidently providing information it has access to. With Syskit Point, you can archive or delete inactive workspaces with ease.

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