What’s new – 13.0.

A new version of Syskit Point is here, and it’s better than ever! Check out new features, usage refinements, and UX improvements we have prepared for you! Not yet a customer? Schedule a demo.

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Drive Office 365 Governance With Automated Permissions Review 13.0.

From the start, we’ve created Point to include all types of people into governance processes of a company – from business users and managers, admins, and system engineers, to CSOs and auditors. Now, we made it even clearer with the introduction of a permissions review feature.

Once set up by Syskit Point admin, this option periodically sends automatic requests to owners to validate permissions on their resources. By delegating permissions governance to users with hands-on insight into access rights, your company is reducing data security breaches to a minimum.

Office 365 governance dashboard for admins

Admins can choose the type of resources owners will review – sites, Office 365 Groups, OneDrive accounts, or Microsoft Teams. On top of that, they can customize the governance flow by selecting specific resources, such as workloads where external sharing is enabled.

Select the types of resources to review Office 365 permissions

By sending automated emails, we speeded up the entire process and made it more reliable. Admins will see the status of each review and who is responsible for them in one place. Each owner will get a predefined reminder three days before the due date, but admins can also send them manual reminders if needed.

Set up reminders for Office 365 permissions review

Because owners have various tech background, we tried to keep the review process simple. The email requests will lead them to a simple dashboard where they can see who has access to all their resources as well as the list of external users, externally shared files, and permission changes.

Resource owners can review Office 365 permissions on a simple dashboard

From there, they can complete a review in a few clicks, without involving IT. Most importantly, it empowers owners to keep tight control over the resources they own.

Grant User Access via SharePoint Groups 13.0.

From now one, you can grant access to multiple users directly to a site or document or bulk-add users to multiple SharePoint groups at once . This feature is requested by our customers who inherited the permissions structure from SharePoint On-Premises. Those customers prefer to add users this way, rather than via Office 365 Groups or Microsoft Teams.

Grant SharePoint permissions directly on a site or via SharePoint groups

Improve Syskit Point’s Speed With Report Improvements 13.0.

We improved the scalability of the SysKit Point web application. By optimizing the CPU and memory usage of our application, we increased the number of concurrent users who can use the app without any degradation in page response times.

We also improved our export process to use a queue-based system. Exporting a lot of data, especially to PDF, can be pretty demanding for CPU and memory. To increase the stability of the application, all export requests are queued and processed one by one.

Get the Most of Syskit Point With a Guided Tour 13.0.

We continuously try to make Point the simplest tool for Office 365 Governance. That’s why we added additional help to our users in the form of an onboarding tour. When you log for the first time, you will start a guided tour that zooms in the part of the screen where you can activate Point’s features and options.

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