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We create solutions to daily Microsoft 365 challenges. Meet the brains behind the technology.

Syskit team about us

We are a software development company focused on creating a state-of-the-art platform for easy management and governance of Microsoft 365 environments.

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Our goal is simple. To support IT professionals, business users, and organizations in achieving flexible collaboration and peace of mind.

Each day, 365 days a year, we make it work.

Our story

Day 1

We began in 2009 under a different name but with the same goal. From day one, our founders, Frane and Toni, knew they wanted to create a product. A product that will help users in Microsoft environments work faster, smarter, and better.

Year 1

Armed with two computers and a passion for solving IT and business challenges, they developed their first product Terminal Services Log. Although TSL is now in its well-deserved retirement, it charted our path to the global market and our first multinational clients.

Daily 365

The team was constantly growing and developing new products and features. We gained recognition in Microsoft’s specialized niche with another product, SPDocKit. At that time, on-premise technology was predominant, but we knew things were about to change. We were set on becoming leaders in the upcoming tech era.

Flagship product

Now, equipped with a much larger team of experts in various fields and technologies, we started to devise Syskit Point. With the knowledge gathered through the years about huge enterprise environments and dedication to solving real business challenges, we dedicated ourselves entirely to Syskit Point. Our focus on the cloud shined through the newest product.

Tipping the scales

In 2019 we celebrated our first decade, won several awards, visited numerous conferences, and deep-dived into scaling the company. The following year, Gartner recognized us in one of their reports for the first time.

We have just begun

In 2022 we received an investment and partnered up with Cade Hill Investments. We opened our headquarters in Cambridge and entered the second phase of scaling commercial operations.

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The best thing about Syskit is the people working there. There are not so many software providers where you can directly position your ideas and they will soon be evaluated, and that’s one of the most important things in our good relationship.

Anton Dorfmann, CMS and Collaboration Manager at Loacker
Marin Syskit

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We’re always looking for people who are curious, eager to learn, and want to help companies overcome their challenges and get their IT in order.

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