Ovative Group

Ovative Group

Find out how Ovative Group saved $24K in storage costs using Syskit Point in under 60 minutes.
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Syskit Point aids Lionsgate in M365 optimization: 5% license buffer, tighter security, and effective governance.
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Loacker case study


Discover how Syskit Point helped Loacker protect company data, gain visibility, and stay alert to security breaches in their M365 environment.
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Zagreb Airport case study

Zagreb Airport

Discover how Zagreb Airport saved hours on complex M365 guest user management and manually extracting data for compliance reports.
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Rimac case study

The Rimac Group

Learn how Syskit Point ensured secure communication activities and creation workflows between two organizations while getting notified about suspicious sharing activities.
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Central Texas case study

Central Texas Regional Mobility

This state agency migrated from its local servers to the M365 environment more confidently, thanks to Syskit Point's central security reporting and access management.
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Fortech case study


Find out how Fortech used Syskit Point to gain a clear overview of all sharing actions in OneDrive and SharePoint to follow M365 governance best practices.
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Woodside Homes case study

The Woodside Homes

Find out how Woodside Homes, a home building company, established control by presenting professional-looking reports to their auditors.
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Coripharma case study


Find out how Coripharma, a pharmaceutical company, used Syskit Point to track who can access what in their large environment in a highly regulated industry.
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iTeos case study


Find out how a biopharmaceutical company started governing, analyzing, and auditing its Microsoft 365 environment more efficiently with Syskit Point.
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