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SharePoint Online and Office 365 Security Management

SharePoint Farm Documentation, Best Practices, and Analytics

Server Monitoring, Troubleshooting and Intelligent Alert

Centralized SharePoint and Office 365 Security Management

Manage SharePoint Permissions
Get a complete overview of SharePoint permissions and track permission changes. Manage permissions in bulk.

Keep Track of External Sharing
Prevent possible security breaches. Detect all external users in the tenant and pinpoint externally shared content.

SharePoint Farm Documentation, Auditing & Analytics

Document and Validate Farm Configuration
Document farm configuration and set up a farm based on best practices. Compare farms and track changes.

Analytics, Audit and Usage Reports
Monitor how your site collections are being used – audit security actions and changes, keep track of site hits and visitors, usage and storage metrics.

Troubleshoot Your Servers and Monitor SharePoint Performance

All ULS, SQL, & Event Logs in one place
Search, filter and export ULS, SQL, and Windows Event logs across all servers and farms, from a single interface.

SharePoint Performance Monitoring
Monitor the SharePoint pages and server performance counters and receive real-time email alerts.

Monitor User Activities and Track Server Performance in Real-Time

Keep Track of User Activity
From Remote Desktop access to workstation usage, keep an eye on user activity with many available reports.

Server Performance Monitoring
See all existing performance metrics on Windows Server, Citrix Virtual Apps, RDS, RD Gateways, and workstations.

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