CredSSP required by server – Solutions

“Failed to connect, CredSSP required by server” is an error line returned when trying to connect remotely to a Windows machine using RDP version 6 or newer with the Rdesktop client. Learn why does it happen, what are the possible solutions, and what is CredSSP.

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We have just released SysKit 2016 R2 – 8.3.0

This minor release brings new features and improvements. The features are PowerShell Alerts and a big repository with over seventy resources, including PS scripts, custom reports, and monitoring templates!

We’ve also optimized the overall performance of the application, improved the Add Computers wizard, added export of the snapshot differences to Excel, combined all export formats into one button, and other minor improvements.

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Software License Management – how and why?

Discover what are the software license management best practices. It’s understandable how you might overlook the whole license management process, so in this article, we discuss the importance of software licensing, types of software licensing, potential licensing traps, and how can SysKit help you with it.

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[Video] Webinar – User activity monitoring with SysKit

[Video] Webinar – User activity monitoring with SysKit - featured image

Since User Activity Monitoring is SysKit’s most popular feature, we have decided to prepare you this webinar. Learn which SysKit reports you should be using to detect idle users, track remote connections, and create automated payroll reports. Audit applications started by users and quantify the load they are producing on your system.

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