Control Microsoft 365 with automated governance

Lifecycle management
Cloud collaboration can get messy. Manage resources from their creation to their end and take full control over creation, access, and cleanup.
Collaborative governance
Unstructured governance leads to inefficiency. Avoid this pitfall by enabling resource owners to do their part easily – and minimize those support tickets.
Efficient tenant
Detect inactive SharePoint sites, groups, and teams automatically and decide what happens with them with defined policies for keeping, deleting, or archiving data.
Policy automation
Take workspace management and maintenance to an entirely new level by automatically applying policies to all workspaces – regardless of how they were created.
m365 lifecycle management

Enforce policies throughout the lifecycle

With Syskit Point you can easily set up policies that will help you automate governance, stay in control, and be able to track progress.

Setting up policies for the entire workspace lifecycle also helps you lift the manual burden from your IT team by empowering the content owners to do their part.

Here’s a breakdown of some of the policies:

  • Minimum number of owners

    Syskit Point Minimum number of owners M365

    Having at least 2 active owners is critical, so you can always have a backup for the primary person responsible for workspace management and administration.

    Point automatically detects when teams and groups don’t have a predefined minimum number of owners. When this happens, existing owners will receive an email to do a review so they can assign additional owners.


  • Maximum number of owners

    Syskit Point Maximum number of owners M365

    If there are too many owners in teams and groups, Point will send the owners a notification and ask them to review ownership.

    You can decide who is the true owner and remove the unnecessary ones.


  • Orphaned workspace cleanup

    Syskit Point Orphaned workspace cleanup M365

    Ownerless teams can slow down productivity and be a security threat.

    You can automatically assign the last owner’s manager, ask members to suggest a new owner, or let the admins decide.

    Depending on the data’s sensitivity, you can apply different policies to different groups and teams.

  • Guest user recertification

    Syskit Point Guest user recertification M365

    Ensure that guest users are reviewed periodically or whenever Point detects them as inactive.

    Automatically remove the ones for which no one takes responsibility, leaving your environment secure and clean.

The Syskit Point advantage

Syskit Point
Microsoft 365
Access reviews
Only with AAD P2 or EMS license
Microsoft Teams and Microsoft 365 Groups support
SharePoint Online and OneDrive support
Membership recertification
Sharing recertification