What’s new – 17.0.

Welcome to Point 17.0.! The new release brings a couple of new features and customizations. You can review your sites, teams, and groups easier with our new review guide and schedule all Point reports! Not yet a customer? Try it for free.

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Simplify Your Permissions Review Process 17.0.

We redesigned the permissions review experience for site, teams and groups owners, making it even simpler. Business users are now guided through our new 4-step wizard to streamline their experience and help them focus on important security concerns without having to understand the complexity of Office 365 permissions.

4-step wizard for Office 365 access review

Site owners can see the total number of site users, admins, and external users, while group owners can easily identify group membership changes. They can also immediately see all files shared with external users and users outside of the reviewed team or group.

Office 365 External sharing in groups

The process is now much shorter! We added an indicator if there were no changes since the last review, in which case you can skip all the review steps and jump to the end.

The Office 365 review process is much shorter

On top of that, we improved an admin’s ability to track the review process. They now have a complete overview of all the actions business owners have performed during the Permissions Review. Also, they can export the activity list as an audit trail and a proof of compliance for auditors

Review Office 365 access governance actions

Keep Everybody in the Loop With Scheduled Reports 17.0.

Do you love Syskit Point but hate doing manual work? We have an ideal solution for you, now you can schedule any report inside Syskit Point’s toolbelt. You can send it to yourself, your manager, or any other user via email or save it to a preferred SharePoint library.

The report schedule helps you out by automating the reporting process and sharing actionable data to the right people at the right time.

Schedule Office 365 reports

Speed Up Your Onboarding with Copy/Transfer User Permissions 17.0.

The workplace is a dynamic environment – new people are hired, people change positions, and employees leave the company. Each employment change means reassigning permissions to all the SharePoint sites, Microsoft 365 Groups, and Microsoft Teams from a previous employee to a new one.

Syskit Point complements the native Microsoft 365 managment actions by offering the copy permissions action. If you need to replace an employee, use the transfer action in combination with the Block sign-in action to transfer all the rights to a new person directly from Point.

Copy SharePoint Online permissions

Explore Distribution Groups in Point’s Reports 17.0.

We heard your wishes loud and clear! That’s why we added yet another set of reports to the existing Microsoft 365 Groups and Security groups. We added support for Mail-enabled security groups and Distribution groups so now you can explore all group types in Point’s reports.

Distribution groups report