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April 2019

Welcome to SysKit Security Manager 7! This new release is a big game changer for SysKit Security Manager users. The biggest news is the audit feature, which enables you to see all user and admin actions across Office 365, when and where they happened. As well, a couple of other upgrades we are sure will be well appreciated are the multi-select and bulk management actions. So, let’s begin!

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Audit Office 365 Changes7.0.

The Office 365 audit feature enables you to see what is going on across your Office 365 environment. Track all actions performed by both users and admins – every file modified, every login attempt, every password or configuration change. Once you have a complete overview of everything that’s going on, it is easier than ever to stay compliant with company policies and government regulations like HIPAA or GDPR. 

Keep track of every permission, content, or configuration change done by a user or admin on the entire tenant

Furthermore, you can fine-tune the audit log results with the help of our powerful search functionality. Once you have all the data you need, it’s easy to export the data in Excel, or even schedule the report to arrive at the time and destination you want. 

Teams, Groups and OneDrive Audit7.0

We have structured the audit logs for each workload separately, so you don’t have to search endlessly through the audit logs for the entire tenant. This means you can explore all recent activities in the context of a specific Office 365 Group, Microsoft Team, SharePoint site or OneDrive. 

Track all user's and admin's activities across all Teams or a specific Team in the last 30 days

For example, you can see exactly who has created a new team, added a new tab or shared a file with Teams audit log reports. In the OneDrive audit log section, you can find all activities related to a specific OneDrive such as file accesses, edits, and shares, as well as activities for all OneDrive accounts in a tenant.  

User Specific Reports and Audit7.0.

User reports will give an overview of all users in a tenant as well as a single user view, showing the most important information set for a user. You can check all user permissions and memberships through the entire tenant including OneDrive, Teams and Office 365 Groups access – all in one place!

Explore, audit, and manage user permissions across the entire Office 365 including SharePoint sites, Microsoft Teams, and Office 365 Groups from a central place

With this powerful set of reports, you can easily audit user actions as well as manage and copy permissions in bulk from a central console. An ability to copy or remove all user permissions across Office 365 comes in very handy during the user onboarding and offboarding process.

Multi – Select and Bulk Actions7.0.

The bulk management feature is upgraded and it’s better than ever! With a multi-select option, it’s now possible to perform bulk actions like delete, remove, copy, or transfer permissions. Easily copy user permissions across the entire site collection! 

Copy permissions between users across multiple site collections

Furthermore, it’s easier to manage your security issues. For example, you can now move multiple users with direct permissions to a SharePoint group and restore inheritance on multiple items.

Manage your security much faster by moving multiple users with direct permissions to SharePoint groups

Intuitive Security Reports Navigation7.0

Have the most important security reports at a glance and save your precious time! We have polished the Security reports navigation to be more intuitive. So now you can see all the Teams-related reports under the Teams explorer, Office 365 Groups reports are under the Groups explorer, and OneDrive reports are placed under the OneDrive explorer.