Analyze Office 365 Health and Identify Security Threats

SysKit Point – A Free Office 365 and SharePoint Security Tool


Perform regular checkups
to keep your environment
healthy and secure

Control the amount of
OneDrive storage

Easily detect external
users and control external

Take preventive actions to
optimize the settings and
minimize risks

Collect information about your Office 365 environment on a single dashboard

  • The numbers of total users and licensed users
  • The number of Office 365 groups and associated Microsoft Teams
  • External users and anonymous links
  • Which default permission levels have been customized
  • The number of Site Collection admins, and their list
  • Cleanup reports: groups without permissions and users, orphaned users, etc.
  • Identification of the top users by space in OneDrive.

Analyze, identify, react

Use SysKit Point Score Results to check the health of your Office 365 environment. It will analyze how aligned your regular activities and security settings are with best practices. Work on improving your score results by tracking and planning incremental improvements to your environment.

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