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Deep visibility, powerful management, and automated governance – gain it all with a single scalable platform for Microsoft 365. 



SysKit Point: Automated Microsoft 365 governance and security

Empower your end-users to take part in Microsoft 365 governance. Request your Microsoft Teams, Microsoft 365 Groups, and site owners to regularly manage their inactive resources to cut tenant clutter. Schedule periodical access reviews to resource owners and make sure that the right people have the right access.

Get a full overview of your Microsoft 365 environment and ownership across Microsoft Teams, SharePoint Online, Microsoft 365 Groups, and OneDrive in a central web interface. Create easy-to-read security reports and proactively manage users and access.

Who can benefit from SysKit Point:

Compliance Managers
and CSOs

Track high-risk activities and ensure compliance with regulatory policies.

External and Internal

Simplify and automate access audit, enforce unified security reporting.


Monitor user activity and content usage. Edit access for the employees you manage.

Office 365

Control your tenant inventory and precisely govern Office 365 security and compliance.

Control user access by providing full transparency

Check out our wide variety of Office 365 security reports:

  • Get a simple-to-understand report of who has access to what in a matter of seconds.
  • Track user and admin activity across your tenant with audit reports.
  • Control external sharing – find and manage Office 365 guest users, externally shared content, and sharing links.
  • Detect all permissions and memberships for each user across Office 365.

Simply send reports to colleagues when working from home or on a business trip by sharing a link. Export your reports in an Excel or PDF file for further analysis and auditing purposes. Leverage the extensive Power BI charting, analytical, and reporting functionalities to create reports and charts from SysKit Point data.

ofice 365 reporting

office 365 auditing

Boost security and ensure compliance

Track admin and end-user activity in your tenant and save Office 365 audit logs. Detect unauthorized changes, track suspicious external and internal sharing.

  • Audit Office 365 user access – track each granted permission, added user or group member, and broken inheritance.
  • Audit external sharing – track all external sharing. Monitor guest user activity and see how they interact with your Office 365 content.
  • Audit Microsoft Teams, Microsoft 365 Groups, Exchange Online, and OneDrive – check each configuration and access update, content interaction, and security change.
  • Troubleshoot errors and issues – easily troubleshoot when something goes wrong. Pinpoint the exact time and place of the issue and who was responsible for it.
  • Receive alerts – act proactively upon any suspicious action and avoid serious security breaches. 

Track Office 365 user adoption and usage trends

Get summarized analytics about user activity and adoption. Compare the statistics with the previous period and detect any unusual trends in how your users use the content.

  • Site Analytics – explore site activity through time and detect the most visited sites.
  • Microsoft Teams Analytics – track teams’ activity and avoid clutter. Get a central report on all inactive teams in your tenant.
  • User Analytics – detect user interaction with the content and measure Office 365 adoption across the organization or by each department.

office 365 analytics

Office 365 provisioning

Control workspace creation with Office 365 provisioning

Use Point’s provisioning features to take control over who can create new Office 365 workspaces and under what conditions:

  • Provisioning templates: Prevent sprawl and configure easy-to-use custom templates for creating a new workspace.
  • Approval flows: Customize your approval processes – define the stages of the approval flow and who will be the approvers.
  • Point’s Teams app: Enable your end-users to request new workspaces and easily approve the new ones right from the Teams app.
  • Security governance: Proactively apply governance policies from the beginning of the workspace lifecycle.
  • Sensitivity labels: Restrict access and sharing, and specify  governance policies for different workspaces.

Automate Microsoft 365 governance processes

Delegate responsibility from the IT team to the site, Microsoft Teams, and Microsoft 365 Groups owners. Unburden your admins by enforcing automated governance workflows:

  • Periodic access review: Make owners responsible for who has access to their resources by reviewing them regularly.
  • Lifecycle management: Let owners decide what to do with their inactive workspaces – delete, keep (renew), or archive them.
  • Additional governance policies: Enforce ownership best practices, clean up orphaned workspaces, or recertify guest users.

automated office 365 governance

office 365 access

Automate HR procedures and boost efficiency

Cut the time of your onboarding and offboarding process! Add team and group members in bulk or remove multiple users at once.

Manage Office 365 user access to different sites and groups directly from the user reports and save time from browsing through different workloads.

How SysKit Point can help your business:

Office 365 security

Prevent Data Loss

Hold a tight grip on how content is being shared and with whom. Prevent data leakage and costly security investigations.

Save Time

Improve Team Efficiency

Retrieve the entire structure of your Office 365 content automatically and get a single pane view in no time!

Office 365 cost reduction

Suplement AAD Functionalities

Get a comprehensive set of functionalities that supplements Azure AD Premium functionality.


Comply with Regulations

Generate comprehensive reporting to satisfy different regulatory requirements like GDPR, HIPAA, SOX, and more.

Eliminate complexity. Boost efficiency. Gain clarity. Start your 21-day free trial of SysKit Point, no credit card required.