Sales FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

There are three ways to purchase SysKit’s products.

1. Invoice – Purchase Order and Wire Transfer Payment

Request a quote from our sales team. Based on the quote send as a Purchase Order (PO) on the official company letterhead (or use our signed quote as a PO) as a proof of purchase intent. Once the PO is processed we’ll send you an invoice which will include the exact payment instructions for a wire transfer payment. Payment terms are NET30.

Request a Quote

Send us an email requesting your quote with the following information included:

  • Your company name, address and VAT ID (for companies inside of the European Union).
  • Software name, quantity, and edition.
  • Quantity – please be sure to specify the number of servers and, if the software will be used for SharePoint, please provide the total number of farms, number of production vs. non-production farms, tenants, users, etc.
  • If you are a reseller, include the:
    • end user name,
    • company name,
    • type of company.
  • One of our qualified Product Consultants will send you a quote with the instructions for payment.

Send a Purchase Order
Please send us a signed purchase order on your company letterhead or send us a signed quote you’ve received from us. Both should be signed by the authorized company representative. As soon as we receive it, we will process your order. We’ll invoice you with the following wire transfer instructions. Our standard payment term is NET30.

Wire Transfer Instructions

  • Account Name: SysKit d.o.o., Krste Pavletića 1, HR-10000 Zagreb, Croatia
  • Bank: Raiffeisenbank Austria, (RBA d.d), Magazinska cesta 69, HR-10000 Zagreb, Croatia
  • IBAN: HR04 2484008 1135048590
  • Account Number: 1135048590
  • Bank Routing Number (SWIFT): RZBHHR2X

2. Web Shop (Cleverbridge) Online – Credit Card or PayPal

Cleverbridge Inc. is SysKit’s e-commerce provider that processes payments on our behalf. Every time you purchase through the online web store, our payments are processed through Cleverbridge. Following are the Cleverbridge company information:

  • Cleverbridge AG
  • Brabanter Str. 2-4
  • 50674 Cologne
  • Germany
  1. Click on the product you wish to purchase on our product pricing pages or follow the link to online payment provided in an official SysKit quote (see above)
  2. Choose among various license types and click Buy Now
  3. Check your Shopping Cart
  4. Fill out the Delivery Address form.
    • If you are buying for a client, please check the Different Billing Address box and fill out the Billing Address form with your information and the Delivery Address form with the client’s (End User) information
  5. Choose Type of Payment and click There are two different payment options offered by Cleverbridge:
    • Credit card – enter the credit card information and proceed. License will be delivered upon payment.
    • PayPal – after submitting your order, you will be redirected to the PayPal website where you can make your payment. Once your payment has been successfully completed and confirmed by PayPal, delivery of the ordered products will be initiated. Alternatively, you may pay directly by credit card. Your credit card data will be transferred securely with TLS encryption.

For more info on online payment, please contact us or Cleverbridge directly at

3. Purchase through our partner network

SysKit has a wide network of partners around the world. Just select your country in the menu and choose a reseller. Click here for a full partner list. Contact the reseller that you find the most suited and request a quote as described above. If you’d like to register as a partner, contact us for more info.

Paying taxes depend on where you’re located. If you’re based in Germany and you purchase through our web shop, you will be charged VAT. If you’re based in the European Union and supply us with a valid VAT number, you won’t be charged tax. However, if you don’t supply a valid VAT number, you will be taxed at the prevailing rate, and it will be up to you to claim back any tax paid. If you’re outside of the European Union, you won’t be charged tax on your purchase.

The W9 form is needed when a company from the United States wants to place an order online through our shop provider, cleverbridge USA.

The W8-BEN form is needed when a company from the USA wants to place an order directly through SysKit.

Contact us if you need either of these forms.

If you are not yet a partner or reseller, and are interested in reselling SysKit products, please contact our sales team

Need a quote? Here is how it works:

Send us an email requesting a quote, and specify the following information:

  • Your own (reseller’s) company name and address
  • The software name, quantity, and license edition. Please be sure to ask the end user for the number of servers or (if buying for SharePoint) find out the total number of production vs. non-production farms they have.
  • The end user name and email address, company name, and type of company.

Based on this information, we will send you a quote, which includes a reseller discount and a link to a pre-filled shopping cart. If you plan to purchase with a purchase order, please follow the steps for submitting a purchase order shown above. Be careful to enter the correct delivery and billing addresses. Since you are reselling the product and someone else will be using the product, be sure to enter the end user’s delivery address.

Partner Discounts

Discounts for our resellers are based on performance and sales. These discounts increase as the annual sales increase.

If you are purchasing a license for yourself then you will only need to fill out the delivery address form. If you are purchasing a license for someone else, then you have to enter the delivery address of the end user and the billing address of your company. Otherwise, the end user will not be able to see or activate the license.

PLEASE NOTE! Be especially careful if you are purchasing the Consultant license since this license is licensed per person and only one person is allowed to use it. Please be sure that you enter a correct delivery contact; otherwise, the consultant will not be able to activate the Consultant license.

SysKit’s product delivery is fully electronic, meaning there are no boxed products, CDs or freight options. Once purchased, your product and its activation keys can be found in the SysKit Customers Portal with all the necessary information. Information about registration to the Customers Portal is received via email after the purchase. If you can’t find the email, please check your spam folder or contact our support team.

On the SysKit Customers Portal, you can find your order details, invoice, downloadable files, and license keys.

If you have registered your Consultant license during purchase with a generic email address (like support, sales, consultant, Gmail, Yahoo, etc.) you will not be able to activate the license with that email. Please send us the personal email address of the employee who will be using the license at your company. Be sure to include the order reference number of the purchased license so we can enable activation.

PLEASE NOTE! Due to the Consultant license regulations, only one person can use this license for an unlimited number clients. This is why we do not support activation with generic email addresses.

All minor and major releases, upgrades, patches, and bug fixes are free if you have valid subscription.