What’s new – 2022.3.

When launching a product update, our main goal is to create new ways to help you improve security and provide you with a detailed overview of the M365 inventory. With this launch, we continued creating a powerful centralized platform that provides management for Microsoft 365, extends native M365 admin capabilities, and unifies data from multiple admin centers to reduce hours of manual work.

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Metadata for Provisioning Templates and Reporting 2022.3

Microsoft 365 helps companies simplify and improve their collaboration. People create a lot of Microsoft Teams and Groups, sometimes for a special company team, sometimes for a special project, and sometimes for a specific office. You should know and understand at any point why they created it and the purpose, importance, and sensitivity of each workspace.

Provisioning: How do you add that additional information? With Syskit Point metadata, admins can define any metadata they want, create different governance policies, and enforce those through provisioning templates. When an end-user creates a new workspace, they will have to populate the metadata fields you set up.

Metadata for Provisioning Templates and Reporting

Reporting: Let’s see a few examples where this can perfectly fit in place.

In multinational companies with offices across different countries, admins can add a Country metadata field and generate a report for all teams from the US or Germany only. In a company with multiple brands, admins can generate reports or apply a policy based on brands.

If they collaborate on many projects with agencies and external partners, add a field that those are external projects to keep an eye on them as you won’t need them forever.

Metadata for Provisioning Templates and Reporting

Microsoft 365 Configuration Inventory 2022.3

We want to help organizations manage Microsoft 365 from one centralized platform, collect data from multiple admin centers in one place, enforce policies, explore whatever is needed and provide secured collaboration. Therefore, we connect what was previously a separate product, now as a new integral part of Syskit Point. See what it brings.

Configuration Inventory enables admins to easily collect and navigate through all the Microsoft 365 configuration settings and generate complete documentation in a couple of clicks. Ensure your environment is secure and compliant with regulations. No need for PowerShell scripts anymore.

Microsoft 365 Configuration Inventory

We have made it easy for admins to automatically compare the latest configuration version with the desired state and get alerted if there are any differences. Check if external sharing settings were changed, if the security or compliance policies were changed, if Microsoft Teams settings were inconsistent, etc.

Microsoft 365 Configuration Inventory

Protect data security and user privacy, set up a new standard for regular maintenance, and prepare for external auditing.

Hide Subordinate User Activities from Owners/Point Collaborators 2022.3

User privacy is very important, especially in highly regulated companies and industries. That’s why we have added an ability to customize what end-users (SysKit Point Collaborators) can access and see in SysKit Point.

Admins can hide user activities from end users/team owners, so they won’t be able to see what subordinate users are doing and which files they are accessing, editing, or downloading.

Hide Subordinate User Activities from Owners

Lifecycle Management: Customizations for Archiving Workspaces 2022.3

We made the process of archiving teams and groups more customizable.

Admins can define a prefix or suffix for archived workspaces to be per company policies. Also, they can define if they want to remove owners or members from the group and set a new owner, for example, someone from the IT team.

Customizations for Archiving Workspaces

Optimizations for Faster and Smoother Point Performance 2022.3

Do we need to mention this again?

We always work on many additional improvements, so we have made a lot of back-end refinements in this release, and SysKit Point now runs even faster and uses less memory.

We have also optimized the settings screen, a report which shows details of private channels, and the user details screen.