SPDockit 12 supports the new SharePoint Server Subscription Edition

Learn more about the new SharePoint Server Subscription Edition and how SPDocKit can help you.

On November 2nd, Microsoft announced a release of the long-awaited SharePoint Server Subscription Edition. We at SysKit, have an announcement, too. SPDockit 12 is out and supports the brand-new SharePoint Server Subscription Edition!

What’s new in the brand new SharePoint Server Subscription Edition

SharePoint Server has been a key accelerator for collaboration and productivity for decades. Now, the new generation of SharePoint is built on the same principles, which emphasize the needs of on-prem customers. These core principles are highlighted below.

Always up to date

SharePoint Server SE delivers features that simplify administration, protect communications, and empower people in your organization to achieve more. With the new continuous update mode, you will avoid costly version upgrades to get the latest features and support.

This version also enables you to upgrade from SharePoint Server 2016 directly. With previous versions, you had to first upgrade SharePoint 2013 to SharePoint 2016 and then to SharePoint 2019, making the process very complicated and lengthy.

Secure and reliable

Complying with regulatory standards and preventing unauthorized access to business-critical and personal data is a continual priority for organizations.

Based on that principle, SharePoint Server Subscription Edition provides scalability, reliability, and security that will allow companies to handle enormous amounts of data faster, more efficiently, and at a lower cost. On top of that, companies will benefit from native support for features, such as TLS 1.3.

Designed for SharePoint on-premises

SharePoint Server SE has been designed for the unique needs of on-premises scenarios. One of the improvements is support for the OpenID Connect (OIDC) 1.0 authentication protocol. With this modern authentication protocol, on-prem companies can better meet their evolving security and compliance needs.

SharePoint Server Subscription Edition licensing

The new SharePoint version comes with subscription-based licensing. This is a significant change from previous SharePoint Server versions, which have been based on a perpetual license model with a 10-year support lifecycle.

So, the change is in the fact that companies would need to pay a regular subscription instead of a one-time fee. If you’re not ready to go down this path, you need to stick with SharePoint 2019, which is perfectly fine if you keep an eye on support dates.

How SPDockit can help you with your SharePoint Server SE upgrade

SPDockit 12 is here to be your trustworthy companion on your SharePoint Server Subscription Edition journey. No matter what server you are upgrading from, be it SharePoint 2016 or 2019, SPDockit will help you plan your migration and control what content you migrate.

Generate documentation of your farm inventory

SPDockit auto-discovers all farm inventory from servers, server types, sites to list items. It detects how it is configured and saves the configuration settings in a PDF, Word, or Excel document.

How can that help you?

  • It helps you figure out which items you should migrate and which are not supported so you can leave them behind.
  • SPDockit detects large sites that would be best to break up into smaller sites before the upgrade, so you can manage them easier.
  • It detects sites with many unique permissions, which you need to restore or move in separate sites before migrating.

Analyze the usage of your farm content

SPDockit helps you find out the usage trends of your content to help you plan your SharePoint migration:

  • It finds inactive sites, libraries, and files that you can leave without wasting time and effort migrating them.
  • It finds custom solutions on your farm and helps you determine if they are being used enough to be moved.
  • It detects workflows activity to decide which to migrate and which to leave behind.

Validate your settings before and after migration

After you migrate to the new SharePoint Server SE, SPDockit will help you detect any accidental inconsistencies in configuration.

SPDockit’s comparison wizard compares the farm to validate settings even before you start the migration, and afterward, it helps you detect any differences compared to the old farm.

How does it help?

  • Before moving content from the old farm, it helps you validate if you configured various farm-level settings correctly.
  • After the migration, it compares if site collection, web application, or SQL server settings are configured the same way as those in the old farm.

Check how it works by upgrading to the latest version of SPDockit or giving it a try for free.

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