Farm Settings Comparison

Compare SharePoint Farms, Web Applications, Site Collections, Permissions, Servers, and Web.config Files.

It’s common for an administrator to have several SharePoint farms running on similar hardware, but their performances vary due to different configurations.


Compare SharePoint Farms

Comparing farms can be critical in cases where your organization has multiple farms for different purposes, e.g. DEV / Production / QA / Staging Farms with different number of servers.

Use compare options to compare two farms or to track changes through time on a specific farm.

It does not matter if the farms are in the same domain or location, you can still compare them – find the differences and tune farm’s performance.

Snapshots – Collections of your Farm Configurations

SPDocKit crawls your environment and takes a snapshot of your farm configuration. Track changes that occurred on your farm comparing two snapshots from different points in time.

  • Snapshots can be manual (taken anytime) and automatic (run periodically).
  • Mark snapshots with good configuration settings and use them as baseline for your future reference!


Additional Compare Options

Keep track of all the changes and differences in your environment.

Compare applications or site collection

Web Apps & Site Collections

Compare two web applications or site collections. Track changes through time on a single site or web app.

Compare SharePoint permissions


Compare permissions between sites, lists, and list items. Compare principals and track what has changed.

Compare settings between servers

in Farms

Compare settings between two servers, SQL Servers or IIS servers and verify if they are configured the same.

Compare web.config files


Make sure that web.config files on all of your front end servers are the same on a specific Web application.

Export and Filter Results

Choose to export in Excel and PDF formats. Save the results, share them with your colleagues, and examine them more closely using Excel’s filtering options.


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