What’s new – 12.0

Welcome SPDockit 12.0! This new update comes with support for SharePoint Server Subscription Edition and some great improvement. If you’re not yet a customer, download a free trial.

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Support for SharePoint Server Subscription Edition 12.0

SharePoint Server Subscription Edition is the next step for on-premises customers. It brings new features to help you simplify management, improve your security posture, and streamline your upgrade from earlier versions of SharePoint Server. Learn more about what the new SharePoint Server SE version brings in our blog or register for our webinar with Todd Klindt.

SPDockit v12 brings full support for the new SharePoint version that includes all the regular SPDockit features, so you can:

  • Generate SharePoint farm documentation
  • Validate farm configuration and optimize your farm with the latest SharePoint best practices
  • Track who has performed which action with our audit reports
  • Monitor analytics and usage reports for your site collections down to the file level
  • Compare and track changes in farm configuration over time
  • Complete reporting and management of SharePoint permissions

Improved SharePoint Analytics 12.0

Understanding how content is being consumed on your farm is the key aspect of successful information architecture. Detecting the most popular content and which important content users are struggling to find will help you better organize and restructure your sites if needed.

SPDockit v12 brings various improvements and support for analytics reports on various other local settings (e.g., French, Italian, etc.), making sure you always get access to all the analytics data at all times.

Improved Performance 12.0

We understand how valuable your time is, so we are bringing a set of improvements to some key reports inside SPDockit. This should allow you to generate reports faster, especially when using the Role-Based Security feature inside SPDockit.