SharePoint Structure and Content Usage

With these SPDocKit reports you can get detailed information about farm storage, structure and content usage. The reports, which contain all the information you need about your SharePoint environment, are easily accessible and exportable.

Content Overview - outlines some SharePoint farm usage metrics through multiple charts and graphs

Content Overview Dashboard

The Content Overview report shows useful information about content database growth, used SharePoint space, site collection inventory, number of servers by role, etc. It outlines and highlights some basic but useful SharePoint farm usage metrics through multiple charts and graphs.

How is your SharePoint farm being utilized?

To get the most from your SharePoint farm and to have a better SharePoint reporting experience, SPDocKit offers multiple reports that cover some important segments that every administrator should keep an eye on. Check the SharePoint structure as well as the content and features usage to reveal how the company and end users utilize SharePoint. Check the number of unique visitors for each site collection or get a list of all visitors per selected site.

Storage Metrics - shows you the storage space used by each SharePoint object on the farm.

Content Usage Reports

Analyze database size and forecast its growth, view the amount of storage space used by each SharePoint object on the farm, detect unmodified content by content type, or easily detect dead documents. Use these results to easily make decisions about how to re-arrange and manage your content and site structure.
Features List - shows all features present on a SharePoint farm. It also specifies whether the feature is custom or default, and its scope.

Feature Reports

If you want to upgrade your system or even migrate your SharePoint farm, you should be aware of all the features you have used and deployed, including custom features. Check your feature license usage per SharePoint edition (Foundation, Standard, or Enterprise) and more.
Site Structure - shows a hierarchical structure of a selected site collection down to the list item level.

Structure Report

The Site Structure report displays a hierarchical structure for a chosen site collection down to the list-item level. This is helpful when you are planning further SharePoint site expansions or migrations, and the data provided in the report can serve as a valuable map of your organization.

SPCAF reports: A SharePoint Code Analysis Framework (by Rencore) helps you get deep insights into your SharePoint farm solution packages and customizations to avoid stability risks. It is very useful for administrators, architects, quality managers, and developers. A single issue in the code can have a critical impact on a farm’s supportability, performance, security, and stability. Learn more about our collaboration with Rencore.

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