SharePoint Analytics and Usage Reports

Monitor and analyze how visitors have interacted with the content on your SharePoint – find most visited site collections, check their sizes, and track visitors and their actions.

Be aware of your resources’ usage! Keep track of SharePoint structure, find inactive sites and dead documents, check farm storage and much more.

SharePoint Analytics – Site Hits, Visitors and Modifications

Find out the usage trends of your farms, site collections, and subsites and get an overview of important adoption metrics such as hits that your content receives.

  • Check the number of hits and visitors per farm, site collection or subsite, and track how these trends are changing.
  • Check the time of last access or when was some content was last modified.
  • Get the list of site collection visitors.

PLUS: Drillable Analytics dashboard will give you an overview of activities, visits, hits, and searches. See your farm’s storage usage and most popular documents.

Find out the usage trends of your farms, site collections and subsites, and get an overview of important adoption metrics.

Sharepoint 2010 Workflow and SharePoint 2013 Workflow reports

SharePoint Workflow Analytics – Version Type and Activity

Find out the usage trends of your workflows to help you plan your SharePoint migration:

  • Check the list of all your SharePoint 2013 and SharePoint 10 Workflows. See which of those you need to rewrite and which are ready to migrate.
  • Detect workflows activity – easily decide which to migrate and which to leave behind.
  • Explore workflow list, sites, and content types associations – see exactly where the workflows exist in your site collections.

Do you know how is your SharePoint farm being used?

Use more than 20 reports and interactive Content dashboard to get a deep insight into structure and SharePoint farm usage metrics such as database growth, used SharePoint space or site collection inventory. Reports are exportable and can easily be scheduled to be received via email.

SharePoint document analytics - track SharePoint usage trends

Document Analytics

Find recently viewed documents on a site collection with a number of views and edits. Plus, get an overview of actions performed per document. Find our which documents are the most popular.

See SharePoint search analytics from SharePoint usage reports

Search Analytics

Check the total number of searches for each of your farms in the last 7 days and compare this to a previous period to see the trends. Find failed searches and get a list of the most popular search queries.

Check the hierarchical structure for SharePoint site collections

Site Structure

Check the hierarchical structure for site collections down to the list-item level. If you are planning SharePoint site expansions or migrations, this is a must-have report!

Learn how users use your farm with SharePoint usage reports

Usage Reports

Keep track of farm’s usage and keep it clean by checking recently created sites and lists, finding inactive sites and dead documents, and exploring content type usage.

Analyze database size and forecast its growth of your SharePoint environment

Storage Metrics

Analyze database size and forecast its growth, view the amount of storage used by SharePoint objects or file type (such as .pdf, .mp4 etc.) on the farm. Make decisions about how to re-arrange and manage your content.

Know all used and deployed features within SharePoint farm

Features & Activations

When upgrading your system or migrating farm, you should be aware of all the used and deployed features, including custom ones. Check if you are license compliant with 3rd party vendor features.


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