SharePoint Farm Documentation

Imagine these situations: you have just installed Microsoft SharePoint; new farm admin is taking over maintenance; you are administering many farms; you are a consultant working with many clients…

The first step in all cases above, should be farm configuration audit and creating a documentation file to get a complete overview of your environment. SPDocKit does that in a matter of minutes!


SharePoint Farm Documentation is Essential – Save Hours of Manual Work

Create farm documentation in a few quick steps, save hours of manually pasting data from different sources.

SPDocKit does a complete scan of your environment and generates detailed report of your SharePoint farm configuration settings.

Explore gathered data via Farm and Site Explorer through SPDocKit interface or generate Word, Excel or PDF farm documentation file.

Everything that Admin Needs in One Consolidated Document

  • Farm info: farm, site, and search tolopogy and a servers list and services on server.
  • Application management: web applications, site collections, service applications details.
  • Info about IIS application pools and site settings, SQL Server configuration, and database permissions.
  • Farm administrators and other security information.
  • People picker settings, web.config files, workflows, list of features and solutions


Drillable Farm dashboard shows you an overview of your farm configuration and highlights some important data through tiles and charts

Drillable Dashboard - Summarized Farm Overview

Drillable Farm dashboard shows you an overview of your farm configuration and highlights some important data through tiles and charts:

  • Check a number of servers, web applications, and site collections
  • See top databases and site collections by size
  • Detect health issues related to farm configuration, security, availability, etc.
  • See the number of farm solutions, service applications, and farm accounts


Project Server Documentation

Check Project Server sites, security and database information, operational policies, time and task management settings, the projects list, and project permissions.


Add Comments to Reports

Add a comment to any report in the Farm Explorer. Write additional information about report data, leave notes to yourself or to your colleague. Include them in the documentation.


Re-Create Farms - Generate an AutoSPInstaller XML Configuration File

Use SPDocKit to generate an XML configuration file that you can use with AutoSPInstaller to create a new SharePoint farm that has same or similar configuration settings to your current farm environment.

Save the time needed to create development and testing environments that are identical to production using this configuration file.


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