SharePoint Documentation Tool

After installing Microsoft SharePoint, you need to create a proper documentation file with all the farm, system, and configuration settings. SPDocKit performs this task with only a few mouse clicks.

Documentation is essential – save hours of manual work!

In order to provide support and maintenance of the installed environment, every administrator needs a well-structured documentation.

So let’s see why this is a super-power that every admin and consultant needs:

  • Saves time and consolidates all SharePoint settings and other data in one documentation file.
  • Allows you to easily choose the level of details for your farm documentation.
  • Saves hours of manually pasting data from different sources into the documentation file.
  • Create farm documentation in 3 quick steps: Take Snapshot – Click Generate – Open File

SharePoint farm documentation – what does it include?

Collect comprehensive details about your SharePoint farm configuration. Explore gathered data via Farm and Site Explorer and generate a documentation file, which will contain everything that you need for a successful farm administration.

  • Farm info: farm, site, and search tolopogy and a servers list and services on server.
  • Application management: web applications, site collections, service applications details.
  • Information about IIS application pools and site settings, SQL Server configuration, and database permissions.
  • Farm administrators and other security information.
  • People picker settings, web.config files, workflows, list of features and solutions with their statuses, and other info from the Site Explorer

Explore Project Server sites, security and database information, operational policies, time and task management settings, projects lists and project permissions

Project Server Documentation

On top of the previously mentioned SharePoint farm configuration data, you can also document Microsoft Project Server settings. You will be able to see Project Server sites, security and database information, operational policies, time and task management settings, the projects list, and project permissions. Include this data into your documentation file!

View all comments in one report, drill down to a specific report - include them in farm documentation when you decide to generate it.

Add Comments and Notes to Reports

Add a comment to any report in the Farm Explorer or Snapshots, include them in farm documentation. Use them to write additional information about report data, leave notes to yourself or to your colleague, or note the next steps you should do.

Exporting Options

The SharePoint farm documentation can be exported as an Excel, Word or PDF file. Using Excel, you can easily filter, explore, and analyze your data. Share your documentation file with your clients or colleagues, or print it out. Download some documentation samples:

Generate an AutoSPInstaller XML Configuration File

If you need to create two farms with exactly the same configuration as an existing farm, but don’t want to do this manually, use SPDocKit.

SPDocKit helps you generate an XML configuration file that you can use with AutoSPInstaller to create a new SharePoint farm that is the same as or similar to your current farm environment. The configuration file reduces the time needed to deploy SharePoint, and since everything is reusable, you can create production and staging/testing environments that are identical.

If you want to find out more on how to easily generate an XML configuration file in SPDocKit, click here.

  • Visit resources center for videos and samples of SharePoint documentation and reports by SPDocKit.