How to optimize server resources

To optimize server resources, you should really know your way around your server environment and have all the required data to hand.

If you do this just right, you can increase your work productivity and save money. This is often a difficult task, even more so if you don’t have the right tools to tackle the challenges you’re facing. This is where Syskit Monitor comes to the rescue, by providing you with Application Reports and System Inventory Reports.

Software resources auditing

Most business tasks require an assorted selection of software resources that differ for each employee and each department, resulting in the need for you to track a vast number of applications. Which applications and how frequently they are used is a must-know to really manage and optimize server resources. Using this information, you can ensure the software resources are there for your users enabling them to perform their daily tasks, without having to pay for unused software. Despite the advances in IT management, this is still a common problem in organizations worldwide.

Using Syskit Monitor, you can determine server application usage and audit unused applications. Syskit Monitor can provide you with reports such as Most Used Applications, Users Per Application and Application Instances to help you determine the next most important step in optimizing your software resources. The License Reports give you insights into your license compliance per user and device, allowing you to save money on over-licensed software.

Hardware resources utilization

Getting an insight on how individual employees are utilizing the physical assets of your servers is an important step on the way to successfully optimizing your server resources. By tracking CPU, memory, disk space and network usage per employee, you gain information that is indispensable for capacity planning. This way you can ensure optimal server performance every day and minimize potential server performance issues and server downtime.

The most important metrics are CPU and memory utilization, as they not only demonstrate the efficiency of the distribution of resources, but also indicate performance degradation when the resources are overloaded. If resource utilization is low, you are not effectively using your hardware, or, to put it more simply – you are paying for more physical resources than you need. On the other hand, if the utilization is high, you will have problems with insufficient resources for your system, and will, therefore, experience slow response times or even service stoppage.

Syskit Monitor’s built-in User Performance Reports and Application Performance Reports can tell you how much system resources are used by specific users and applications. The data gathered in these reports can be used to optimize system performance, troubleshoot issues and manage capacity effectively. With Syskit Monitor, you do not need to use a variety of tools to monitor all activities related to server resources. You simply get all the data using a single interface allowing you to optimize server resources like a pro.

Looking to optimize your server resources quickly and effortlessly? You want to avoid your servers being over-resourced or under-resourced? All you need to do is download Syskit Monitor now and try the free trial for 30 days! If you have any questions, please contact our customer support.

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