Monitor Your SharePoint Analytics and Usage
With SPDocKit

Monitor and analyze how visitors have interacted with
the content on your SharePoint!

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Why use SPDocKit to Monitor Your
SharePoint Usage and Analytics?

Check the number of hits and visitors per farm, site collection or subsite, and track how these trends are changing.

See your storage usage and the most popular documents.

Find out what are the top search terms.

Drillable Analytics dashboard will give you an overview of adoption metrics all the way to the list item level.

Check SharePoint usage and when someone last viewed or modified content.

SharePoint Analytics and SharePoint Usage Reports

SPDocKit Gives You a Clear Image of How Users Interact With Your Farm

SharePoint Analytics


Find out the usage trends of your site collections and get an overview of important adoption metrics such as active users, number of subsites and hits your content gets. See all site visitors!

SharePoint Usage

File and Folder Audit

Keep track of your SharePoint usage, keep it clean by checking recently created sites and lists, finding inactive sites and dead documents. Check the hierarchical structure for site collections down to the list-item level.

SharePoint Storage & Growth


Analyze database size and forecast its growth, view the amount of storage used by SharePoint objects or document extension on the farm. Make decisions about how to re-arrange and manage your content.

A must-have tool for every SharePoint admin and consultant!

    • SharePoint Analytics and Usage Reports

Measure your SharePoint adoption (farm hits, active users and much more) and keep your farm storage under control.

    • Generate SharePoint Documentation

Automatically create professional-looking documentation containing all the SharePoint farm and Project Server configuration settings.

    • Validate Farm Configuration Best Practices

Optimize your farm configuration according to the latest SharePoint operational best practices.