SharePoint Governance – Rules & Queries

Enforce company policies across your SharePoint farm using queries and rules.

Automate governance policies by establishing set of SPDocKit rules, saving you hours of manual work and check-ups.


SharePoint Governance Rules

Make sure that governance rules are applied on a regular basis, automate routine checks in just a couple of steps and assure that you are in compliance even when you are not actively watching:

  • Determine the type of rule you wish to apply
  • Set up configuration details
  • Select a target to apply the rule

Here are some samples of what you can do with SPDocKit rules:

  • Attachments – to specify if users can attach files to items in a list.
  • Document version history – whether a version is created each time you edit a file in a document library.
  • Folders – whether the “New Folder” command is available.
  • Opening Documents in the Browser – whether browser-enabled documents should be opened in the client or browser by default when user clicks on them.
  • Quick edit – whether Quick Edit can be used on this list to bulk edit data.
  • Require Check Out – whether users must check out documents before making changes in this document library.

Creating Queries is Easy!

Create a query for the particular problem you are interested – here are some things you can do:

  • Find document libraries without versioning or those which do not require checkout
  • List site collections which are in read only state or those with anonymous access enabled

Wanna know which of your lists are near the SharePoint list view threshold?

You can simply create a query which will find all the lists with more than 4500 or 5000 items. Time-saving for every admin!



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