SharePoint permissions management and reports

Secure environment
Don’t let any user action slip under your radar. Protect sensitive documents across your SharePoint environment.
Powerful centralization
See all SharePoint permissions from a single dashboard – easily perform single or bulk-management actions and boost efficiency.
Ensured compliance
Visually classify your sensitive data by adding tags and make sure you meet regulatory requirements.
Time-saving automation
Export powerful reports with a few clicks, schedule their automatic delivery, and save time on administrative tasks.

Avoid security breaches with SharePoint permissions reporting

Permissions Matrix

Get a full user access overview and see how permission levels are assigned across your environment.

Permissions Cleanup

Know which groups have no users, find orphaned users or groups with disabled owners, and keep your farm optimized.

Unique Permissions Best Practices

Find users with directly assigned permissions, and objects with unique permissions. Manage and analyze data.

Gain full visibility into your SharePoint permissions. Keep your environment secure and make sure that everything runs smoothly.

Stay on top of all permissions changes and boost security

Compare SharePoint permissions

Compare how permissions are being used between any two SharePoint objects. Use real-time or historical data from snapshots.

Track changes per site collection

Compare granted or removed permissions, permissions inheritance, and the principal’s AD status updates.

Compare group memberships

Compare group members for two different groups. Check if the members of your SharePoint and AD Groups have changed.

Compare user permissions

Check and compare assigned permissions for any two users in your SharePoint. Track permission changes per user over time.

Quickly find differences in SharePoint access levels or track changes over time.

Easily export detailed reports.

The SPDockit advantage

Simple permissions management 
Bulk actions
Built-in reports
Cleanup reports and wizards 
Health check reports
Scheduled delivery