SharePoint Permissions Management & Reports

Plan your SharePoint permissions management strategy carefully — use SPDocKit reports for a detailed analysis and ensure compliance with your governance policies.

Get a complete overview of what users and groups have access to, detect all items with unique permissions, track permission changes and modify permissions easily.

Manage SharePoint Permissions

Live SharePoint Permissions Explorer

Explore SharePoint on-premises permissions – choose between historical or real-time data, explore by choosing the desired SharePoint object in your farm structure.

Tag personal data for security & GDPR compliance. Easily add tags to your SharePoint objects to classify them and highlight sensitive data visually.

Check who has access to what! Keep your SharePoint clean and secured!

Permissions reports will help you get a detailed permissions overview on your farm.

See permission levels for each of your users

Permissions Matrix

Get a full overview of users’ access and how permission levels are assigned across your environment.

Find groups that no one has permissions for, or groups with orphaned users

Permissions Cleanup

Know which groups have no users, find orphaned users or groups with disabled owners and clean the farm.

Audit SharePoint permissions

Unique Permissions Best Practices

Find users with directly assigned permissions, and objects with unique permissions and analyze data.

SharePoint Permissions Management

  • Manage Unique Permissions: break or restore permissions inheritance between SharePoint items.
  • Manage SharePoint Groups: delete, create, or edit your groups, and easily add or remove users.
  • Edit, Move and Copy: carry out simple yet effective tasks between users and groups.
  • Manage Site Collections in Bulk: clean up the site collection from unwanted principals, create specific permissions levels and manage site collection administrators.
  • Restore permissions to recover from accidentally deleted SharePoint groups and users, or assigned permission to wrong people.


Stay on top of all permissions changes - keep your data secure!

Quickly find differences in SharePoint access levels or track changes over time. Export results!

Compare SharePoint permissions between SharePoint objects

Compare how permissions are being used between any two SharePoint objects. Use real-time data or historic from snapshots.

Track SharePoint permission changes in your environment

Track changes per site collection such as granted/removed permissions, permissions inheritance and principal’s AD status updates.

Compare SharePoint group members' permissions

Compare group members for two different groups. Also, check if group members of your SharePoint and AD Groups have changed.

Compare permissions between any two users

Check and compare assigned permissions for any two users in your SharePoint. Track changes in permissions per user through time.


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