SharePoint Audit Log Reports

Knowing who has done which action is crucial for security and your company’s regulatory compliance.

Track who is opening SharePoint files and folders in your site collections and what they are doing with this data. Always stay one step ahead.

SharePoint Security Check and Auditing Changes - One Dashboard

Get a summarized overview of audit settings and user actions in the last 7 days. Do not let any user action slip under the radar. Check where you need to adjust auditing settings and maintain total control. Monitor creation of SharePoint groups and check if permission inheritance was broken.

Keep track of document views, edited or deleted content, and get a list of top users per activity and site collections by change.

Get a summarized overview of audit settings and user actions in the last 7 days.


Audit How Content is Being Used & Track Important Security Actions

SharePoint audit logs can easily answer questions like: “Who edited this document?” or “Who shared this with other people?” or “Did someone changed those permissions?”

  • Get a detailed report with a list of all changes that the out-of-the-box SharePoint audit logs cover!
  • Filter, sort and analyze what your users did or changed on sites, lists, libraries, list items and files.

  • Opened and downloaded documents, viewed items in lists, or viewed item properties
  • Edited, checked out and checked in items
  • Items that have been moved and copied to another location
  • Deleted and restored items
  • Changes to content types and columns
  • Changes to user accounts, permissions and groups
  • Search queries
  • Changed audit settings and deleted audit log events
  • Workflow events
  • Custom events

Detect Changes Across Your Farm

To comply with various regulations, such as HIPPA or GDPR, or to get a bigger picture of how content is being used, you need to keep track of user activity in your SharePoint environment and control malicious behavior!

Why use PowerShell scripts when you can easily see the number of changes per site collection and drill down to specific site collections to view all the logs in a user-friendly format.



Security is a Priority for Every Admin

Get an overview of important changes across your farms. Enforce governance policies, keep your data secure and detect malicious behavior in your farm.

Office 365 Permissions Governance

Custom Audit Log Data Retention

Don’t worry about archiving your data – overcome default SharePoint settings. Control how long to keep audit log data by setting a custom retention policy.


Enforce Security Rules – is SharePoint Auditing Turned On?

The built-in SharePoint audit feature allows you to track user actions across your site collections.

  • Get a report that will show you all site collections and what events are turned on to be tracked.

PLUS: Go a step further and use SPDocKit rules to create a rule to configure auditing settings in SharePoint.

Administrative Actions Logs

SharePoint 2016 Feature Pack 1 delivered the ability to log the most common SharePoint administrative actions.

Administrative Actions report provides a user-friendly interface and centralized place for browsing and analyzing all administrative actions made on your SharePoint farm.



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