Manage SharePoint Permissions
with SPDocKit

Take full control of your SharePoint permissions and keep
your environment secure and optimized.

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Why use SPDocKit to Manage Your
SharePoint Permissions?

Always know who has access to what. Have an overview of all SharePoint permissions with the permissions matrix report.

Manage SharePoint permissions in bulk from a single interface and save yourself hours of manual work.

Get detailed SharePoint permissions reports in just a few clicks and plan your permission strategy carefully.

Ensure user data protection and GDPR compliance. Easily add tags to your SharePoint objects to classify them and highlight sensitive data visually.



SPDocKit Gives You a Clear Picture of Users' Acess Across Your Tenant

Permissions Cleanup

Permissions Cleanup

Easily find out which groups have no users, find orphaned users or groups with disabled owners and keep your farm clean.

SharePoint Permissions Management

Get a full overview of users’ access and how permission levels are assigned across your environment.

SharePoint Permissions Reports

SharePoint Permissions

Export SharePoint permissions reports in a readable format, schedule their automatic delivery and plan your permissions strategy.

Give SPDocKit a try and check out all its features!

    • SharePoint Analytics and Usage Reports

Measure your SharePoint adoption (farm hits, active users and much more) and keep your farm storage under control.

    • Generate SharePoint Documentation

Automatically create professional-looking documentation containing all the SharePoint farm and Project Server configuration settings.

    • Validate Farm Configuration Best Practices

Optimize your farm configuration according to the latest SharePoint operational best practices.