Centralized SharePoint and Office 365 Security Management

SysKit Security Manager : Take control of SharePoint permissions and Office 365 groups

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Managing SharePoint permissions and controlling the security of business-related content within an organization can be challenging. SysKit Security Manager was created to help SharePoint site collection administrators report on and manage SharePoint permissions and Office 365 groups from one interface.


Get an Overview of Permissions

Get an overview of the site collections hierarchy. Choose the desired SharePoint object and explore its permissions.

 Check all SharePoint and AD security groups and their members. Review group’s permission levels.

 View all principals and their permissions across the selected site collections.

 Gain an understanding of permission inheritance throughout the hierarchy.

 Detect all items with unique permissions.

Manage Permissions in Bulk

SysKit Security Manager offers extra powers beyond the built-in SharePoint management capabilities.

 Break or restore permission inheritance at any level.

 Clone or transfer permissions between users and groups.

 Grant permissions to multiple principals or groups in one action.

 Manage SharePoint users: Add users to a specific group, remove them from SharePoint groups or delete them permanently from the site collection.

 Manage SharePoint groups: Delete, create, or edit group settings.

Manage Office 365 Groups

 List all Office 365 groups, their owners, and members.

 Create new Office 365 groups.

 Bulk actions: add one or more owners or members to one or more groups at once.

Delete groups or members using one interface and maintain a clutter-free environment.

Secure your environment

Know who has access to what and simplify permissions management.

List all external users and view shared anonymous links.


Prevent data breach. Increase data security and compliance.

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SysKit Security Manager will be available soon, so get ready.

 Supports both on-premises and Office 365 environment.

 Get a complete control over all content access.

 Minimize the stress of SharePoint permissions management.

 Save time and avoid repetitive tasks.

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