Office 365 Provisioning

Use customized provisioning templates to take control of your Microsoft 365 workspaces creation. Easily establish compliance from the beginning of the lifecycle and enforce company security policies.

Microsoft Teams provisioning

Microsoft Teams

Create custom Teams
templates with a standardized
set of channels, tabs, apps,
and governance rules.

Office 365 Groups provisioning

Office 365 Groups

Prevent sprawl, manage
group ownerships, control
privacy levels, and ensure
regular access reviews.

SharePoint sites provisioning

SharePoint Sites

Build unique site templates,
monitor the creation process,
and keep control over
external collaboration.

Yammer provisioning

Yammer Communities

Enable teams self-service
of Yammer communities
without giving too much
power to end-users.

Control Microsoft 365 Workspace Creation

Automate the control of who can create new workspaces and under what conditions:

  • Configure easy-to-use custom templates for creating new workspaces
  • Support teams self-service while keeping order
  • Define your approval stages and choose the approvers
  • Set up custom metadata and ask users to input additional data such as primary contact, purpose or department
  • Reduce IT workload by speeding up the creation process and avoid overflow of unwanted workspaces

O365 Provisioning Dashboard

Enforce Compliance Throughout the Lifecycle

Enforce Compliance Throughout the Lifecycle

Proactively apply governance policies from the beginning of the workspace lifecycle:

  • Establish different governance rules for each template type
  • Define customized policies and avoid too much manual effort
  • Use Sensitivity labels for restricting access and sharing, and specify  governance policies for different workspaces
  • Stay compliant with ongoing access reviews, guest user recertification, optimal number of owners, end of life support, and much more

Provide a Simple Interface for End-users

In the new SysKit Point Teams app, adopt extended functionalities within the Microsoft Teams interface:

  • Enable your end-users to request new workspaces within Teams
  • Get an overview of your active and past requests at a glance
  • Get notified about the status of your request and see the request timeline
  • Easily approve new requests without leaving the Teams app

Provide a Simple Interface for End-users


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