Office 365 Auditing

SysKit Point collects the most important Office 365 audit logs and displays every permission, content, or configuration change in a simple and manageable way. Boost your Office 365 security, stay compliant with governance policies, and detect malicious behavior with our audit reports.


Powerful reporting options

Audit activity in SharePoint Online,
Microsoft Teams, Microsoft 365 Groups,
Exchange Online,
and OneDrive


Extended log storage

Control the audit log storage period
with a custom
retention policy.


Built-in report export

Run reports for the selection
of sites you’re interested in.
Export your audit reports in Excel.

Get an overview of all Office 365 audit logs

Audit SharePoint Online Activities

Track every admin and user action from an application down to the file level.

Some of the user actions tracked are:

  • Deleted, downloaded or modified files
  • Performed search queries
  • Shared files

The examples of admin actions are:

  • Deleted, renamed, and created sites
  • Changed site collection administrators
  • Modified organization-wide settings

Learn Office 365 and SharePoint auditing best practices from SysKit's experts!

Audit Teams and Groups Activities

Keep track of all Microsoft Teams and Microsoft 365 Groups activity:

  • Know when a user creates or deletes a team or group
  • Identify teams’ and groups’ membership changes
  • Track global policy and settings changes
  • Detect inactive teams and groups

Navigate to a single team or group or track all teams’ and groups’ activities together. Use the powerful filtering options when looking for a specific event.

Audit your Microsoft Teams across Office 365 tenant

Office 365 auditing - OneDrive audit report

Audit OneDrive for Business Activities

Track OneDrive activity and check whenever a user adds, accesses, or shares a file. Make sure that sensitive files don’t fall into the wrong hands.

You can see the audit logs for all OneDrive users or for a specific one. For example, if you want to check if Mark shared any files from his OneDrive – you can see his file-sharing activity in the last 30 days in two clicks!

Audit Suspicious User and Admin Activity

Control suspicious actions – track each user and admin action across Office 365. Detect actions such as:

  • Shared file, folder, or site
  • Broken/restored sharing inheritance
  • Links shared within your company & anonymous links
  • Created, accepted, and denied access requests
  • Added or removed users from SharePoint groups
  • Bulk download of files
  • Admin portal activities

Detect all user activity in Office 365

Track exchange audit logs

Audit Exchange Online Activities

Track Exchange Online admin and user activities with the help of exchange audit logs.

Audit admin activities such as policy or settings’ changes in the Exchange admin center. Troubleshoot configuration issues and identify causes of security or compliance problems.

Perform security assessments of user logins and comply with regulatory policies such as HIPAA, GDPR, or FISMA. Detect user mailbox activities like who and when has:

  • accessed a shared mailbox
  • sent emails in other users’ behalf
  • accessed a mailbox of a person who left a company  
  • deleted or moved which sensitive emails


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