Complete Microsoft 365 auditing

Gain increased visibility
See audit logs from SharePoint Online, Microsoft Teams, OneDrive, Exchange Online, and Microsoft 365 Groups for a specific team, group, or user, in one platform.
Detect suspicious activities
Boost security by being able to easily detect and quickly prevent malicious activity across your Microsoft 365 environment.
Comply with regulations quickly
Have the tools you need to stay compliant with ever-changing regulations. No more data silos and wasted time, only centralized visibility and quick mitigation.
Extended audit log storage
Control the audit log storage period with a custom retention policy that fits your needs and helps you stay compliant.

The Syskit Point advantage

Syskit Point
Microsoft 365
Monitor internal and external user activity
Only with admin roles
Audit permissions changes
Only with admin roles
Track file and page activities
Only with admin roles
Prolonged audit data retention
Available with the 10-year audit log retention add-on license
Scheduled exporting to Excel