Syskit Point features

Centralize your inventory and gain visibility

Microsoft 365 inventory
Gain visibility over Microsoft 365 workspaces and user inventory and take control of external sharing,…
Microsoft 365 reporting
Gain deep understanding of Microsoft 365 reporting and see who has access to what in…

Keep your environment secure and compliant

Microsoft 365 access management
Access management across workloads – user permissions, memberships, external sharing – keep your data secure…
Microsoft 365 auditing
Find out who has done what and where with contextual Microsoft 365 auditing via Syskit…
Microsoft 365 alerts
Automate Microsoft 365 security troubleshooting with customizable Syskit Point alerts.

Govern and manage your Microsoft 365 throughout the lifecycle

Microsoft 365 provisioning
Simplify your Microsoft 365 workspaces provisioning and compliance from the beginning of the lifecycle.
Microsoft 365 automated governance 
Manage workspaces via lifecycle management, schedule automated access reviews and include resource owners in Microsoft…