SysKit Point – SysKit’s New Office 365 Governance Tool

We are proud to announce one of the biggest releases for SysKit! Welcome our new Office 365 governance and security tool – SysKit Point!

SysKit Point is a web-based Office 365 governance solution that gathers all your Office 365 inventory – SharePoint Online, Office 365 Groups, OneDrive, and Microsoft Teams, letting you explore and govern it from a central place. It empowers collaboration between different stakeholders in your Office 365 environment, allowing each user to take part in Office 365 governance.

Role-Based Office 365 Governance

SysKit Point is a comprehensive, role-based Office 365 governance tool that fits the needs of Office 365 admins, site owners, auditors, and compliance officers. It empowers all these user roles to automate security tasks and take control of the content they own. With an intuitive web-based interface it’s easier than ever to analyze your content, check if everything is ok, and make reports on the fly.

Office365 governance tool with role-based access

Keep Control by Providing Full Transparency

SysKit Point makes it easier than ever to understand what’s going on in your environment. You can simply send reports to colleagues when working from home or on a business trip by sharing a simple URL link. Another great novelty that a lot of users have been asking for is an immutable, digitally signed PDF export.

Check out our wide variety of Office 365 security reports:

  • Get a simple-to-understand report of who has access to what in a matter of seconds.
  • Track user and admin activity across your tenant with audit reports
  • Control external sharing: find and manage Office 365 guest users, externally shared content, and sharing links.
  • Detect all permissions and memberships for each user across Office 365.

Powerful Office 365 Auditing  

With our Office 365 auditing you can search, filter and export all user and admin actions across SharePoint sites, Office 365 Groups, OneDrive and Microsoft TeamsThere are no more surprises, as you can see who has done which action and when. 

With such a deep insight into everything that’s going on, it is easier than ever to comply with company policies or government regulations like HIPAA or GDPR. Moreover, you can easily control malicious behavior and stop any possible security breaches! Unlike the out-of-the-box Office 365 audit logs, SysKit Point stores your logs longer than 90 days


Office 365 auditing

Easier Office 365 Onboarding and Offboarding

We all know how the employee fluctuation process can be a tough nut to crack for both HR and IT departments. But, don’t worry, Point has your back!

Welcome your new team members with as little nuances as possible: 

  • Add new members to multiple Office 365 Groups and Microsoft Teams
  • Make a user a team or group owner

Manage office 365 access - add Office 365 users

When a team member leaves your organization, make sure to revoke all their rights:

  • Remove a user from multiple Microsoft Teams and Office 365 Groups
  • Cleanup access from all SharePoint Online sites
  • Remove access to all files shared from other users OneDrive
  • Delegate Office 365 Groups and Microsoft Teams ownership to another user

manage office 365 access - remove users

Save Time – Manage Office 365 Access from Your Reports

You can now manage user access directly from your reports! For instance, you can navigate to the User Access report or Permission Matrix and remove user permissions for the entire site collection, OneDrive, group or team on the spot!

You can also remove sharing links and stop file sharing right from the reports, for multiple links at once. No need to go through the expanse of Office 365 sites, teams, and groups one by one.



Monitor User Adoption with Office 365 Analytics

SysKit Point gives you a smart way to measure user activity and adoption in your tenant. You can finally know for sure if your users utilize their licenses, which content is inactive and stale, and which files are the most popular.

Go to the user overview for a detailed breakdown of a user’s content usage and permissions overview. Compare the statistics with the previous period and detect any unusual trends of how your users use the content.

Monitor office 365 adoption

For detailed site activity trends, you can go to the site overview and find out the number of hits, unique visits, and date of the last modification. If you would rather see the statistics for all sites, you can navigate to the Site Analytics report, and check the analytics summary.

office 365 analytics - sharepoint online site analytics


How SysKit Point Can Help Your Company

Let us show you how SysKit Point can help you – schedule a demo for your company without any strings attached! We offer three tiers of pricing based on the number of licensed Office 365 users. However, if you’re not sure what’s the right fit for you or you have a custom quote request, you are welcome to contact our customer success team to offer you a plan that gives you the most value for your money.

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