Learn All Things Microsoft Teams – Live Event Recordings

A couple of weeks ago, we organized a live event with the top Microsoft MVPs covering Microsoft Teams topics. The event consisted of six 45-minute sessions, designed to help you employ Teams into your remote business and overcome limits of the current pandemic. In case you missed the live event, we’ve prepared the recordings for each of the sessions.

Keynote: How Can Companies Succeed While Working Remotely Using Microsoft 365

In this session, our CEO Toni Frankola will briefly introduce some of the key workloads in Microsoft 365 and Azure that help companies succeed in remote work. Register for the recording

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Best Practices for Running Effective Meetings in Microsoft Teams

Rene Modery, Microsoft Office Apps & Services MVP, will share best practices on how to ensure a common understanding through screen sharing and using a whiteboard. Learn how to make sure that meetings don’t get interrupted unnecessarily, and how to use different roles. Register for the recording

Congratulations, You’re Now Also a Teams Administrator

In this session, Todd Klindt, Microsoft MVP, will show some Tenant and Teams settings you can change to improve your company’s first experience with Teams. He’ll also show you what to watch as you keep using Teams. Running Teams without proper planning and training is scary. Let this session help take some of the edge off and turn this into a win for your organization. Register for the recording

SysKit Events

How to Create a Governance, Training, and Adoption Resource Center for Microsoft 365

Susan Hanley, Office Apps and Services MVP, will show you a step-by-step approach for creating a super easy, no-code user resource center framework for your environment. You will leave with all the design information you need to create your site, ideas on how to deliver the information “just in time,” and sample content to get you started. Register for the recording

Even the SuperAdmins Need Help Sometimes – SysKit Point to the Rescue!

In a short demo, Iva Erceg, our Head of Engineering, will show you how SysKit Point can help you manage and ensure visibility over Microsoft Teams, monitor external collaboration, and have reliable security reporting for your Microsoft 365 environment. Register for the recording

Enabling, Managing, and Controlling External and Guest Access in Microsoft Teams

In this session, Adis Jugo, Microsoft Regional Director & Microsoft MVP, will show the difference between guest and external users. He will show you how to configure, manage and control external and guest user access. He’ll explain how to set up and implement governance procedures, and how to protect your Microsoft Teams environment through detection of potential security issues and data leaks. Register for the recording.

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