Enabling and controlling external and guest access in Microsoft Teams

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What is it about & who is it for?

Having external users and guests (such as customers, partners, and vendors) collaborating with your core team is one of the key factors for any collaboration platform. Microsoft Teams differentiates between external and guest access, and we will show the difference between them.

What you will learn

Configuration and management

Configure, manage and control external and guest user access.

Governance procedures

Set yourself up for success by implementing governance procedures.

Detect potential security issues

Report, monitor, and protect your Microsoft Teams environment by staying aware of potential security issues and data leaks.


Adis Jugo
Adis Jugo

Microsoft Regional Director & Microsoft MVP

Adis holds the title of both Microsoft Regional Director and Microsoft MVP! He is a software architect with 20+ years of experience in creating software solutions that make users’ lives easier. Adis is one of the founders of Collabsummit and Cloudsummit.