How can companies succeed while working remotely using Microsoft 365

In this online session, Toni Frankola explains how companies can succeed while working remotely using Microsoft 365 tools and applications.

What is it about & who is it for?

During the global pandemic, many companies have embraced digital and cloud technologies as a solution that enables the workforce to work from home.

Those companies that heavily invested in cloud technologies were ready and could easily switch to full remote work, but those that lagged faced serious challenges. In this lecture, we are going to briefly introduce some of the key workloads in Microsoft 365 and Azure that help companies succeed in remote work.


Toni Frankola
Toni Frankola

CEO @Syskit

Toni Frankola is an entrepreneur and IT consultant from Zagreb, Croatia, where he founded and runs a software company, Syskit Ltd. Syskit specializes in high-quality enterprise solutions for SharePoint and Office 365, as well as Windows Servers, Remote Desktop Services, and Citrix, helping admins and consultants worldwide manage their complex environments. Toni also spends his spare time contributing to various local, regional, and global SharePoint events, as well as blogging at www.sharepointusecases.com