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Syskit launches features that save admins weeks of work on Microsoft 365 administration and governance

Only a well-configured environment with strong security settings guarantees shielded collaboration and data safety. Addressing the growing need to set standards for environment inspection and maintenance, we have added Configuration Inventory as a completely new set of features in Syskit Point.

Configuration Inventory will extend native M365 admin capabilities and help admins unify data from multiple admin centers in one place to improve security and collaboration. On top of that, every admin will enjoy the new Metadata for Provisioning Templates and Reporting feature because it helps control how workspaces are created and for which purpose.

These attractive features will enforce governance policies and unify multiple admin centers in a single-pane view with close to zero effort. They will also reduce the need for manual work while navigating Microsoft 365 configuration settings, generate complete documentation, secure collaboration, and help admins track significant changes to a secure environment.

These improvements will save admins up to several weeks of data management work per year by seamlessly combining data in near-real-time.

To get the most out of Configuration Inventory and Metadata for Provisioning Templates and Reporting, explore them below or contact our customer support team.

Microsoft 365 Configuration Inventory

Having complete visibility over a tenant is always challenging, especially as its complexity increases, so having the right tool as a focal point of the process is crucial.

Microsoft 365 Configuration Inventory in Syskit Point is created to be precisely that focal point of the process. It enables admins to collect and navigate through all the Microsoft 365 configuration settings and generate complete documentation in a few clicks.

Microsoft 365 Configuration Inventory

It will ensure that the environment it oversees is shielded and compliant with regulations such as HIPAA or GDPR standards, and it completely disannuls the need for PowerShell scripts.

The whole process becomes even easier as Syskit Point enables admins to automatically compare the latest configuration version with the desired state and get alerted if there are any differences.

It ensures complete visibility as it shows if external sharing settings were changed, security or compliance policies setup was changed if Microsoft Teams settings are inconsistent, and more.

Microsoft 365 Configuration Inventory

In simple terms, this feature will help admins protect data security and user privacy, set up a new standard for regular maintenance, and get ready for external auditing.

Metadata for Provisioning Templates and Reporting

Different workspaces offer multiple capabilities that help teams with their day-to-day activities. They are a natural part of the work lifecycle, so numerous Teams and Groups are created every minute – sometimes for a special company team, sometimes for a special project, and sometimes even for a specific office.

It makes people’s lives easier, but at the same time – it makes every admin’s life torture since knowing at any point the purpose and importance of each workspace is complex.

Yet, it is crucial.

What’s the solution? Syskit Point.


With Syskit Point, admins can now define any metadata they want, create different governance policies, and enforce those through provisioning templates.

When end-users create a new workspace, they will have to populate the metadata fields admins have set up.

Metadata Microsoft 365


In multinational enterprises with offices across different countries, admins can add a Country metadata field and generate a report for all teams from specific countries only.

Even in enterprises with multiple brands, admins can generate reports or apply a policy based on brands.

Suppose they are collaborating on many projects with agencies and external partners. In that case, this feature supports adding a field for those external projects to keep an eye on them as they may become redundant over time.

Additional updates

According to the latest research, the use of third-party tools continues to grow for everyday Teams and SharePoint operations for easier governance, administration, and monitoring.

Syskit’s product development team responded with innovative software features to support admins for improved analysis, calculations, and data protection.

Since user privacy is being outlined more than ever before, especially in highly regulated industries such as pharmaceuticals, it is now possible to customize what end-users, such as Syskit Point Collaborators, can access and see.

Admins can hide user activities from end users/team owners, so they won’t be able to see what subordinate users are doing or which files they are accessing, editing, or downloading with the Hide Subordinate User Activities from Owners/Point Collaborators feature.

The process of archiving teams and groups is now even more customizable with the Lifecycle Management: Customizations for Archiving Workspaces feature.

Admins can define a prefix or suffix for archived workspaces per company policies. Also, they can define if they want to remove owners or members from the group and set a new owner, for example, someone from the IT team.

Finally, we always work on many additional improvements, so in this release, we have made a lot of back-end refinements which means Syskit Point now runs even faster and uses less memory.

We have also optimized the settings screen, a report which shows details of private channels, and the user details screen.

In conclusion

Do you know the expression “Don’t get taken for a ride”? It means not being caught by surprise or being taken advantage of. Every admin must be aware of the risks and challenges they face to anticipate and win at every opportunity.

Together with Syskit Point, you will be able to face any challenge that may come your way. That is why this is by no means a final list of improvements in Syskit Point for this year.

We will continue to improve Syskit Point every day so you don’t get taken for a ride.

Happy admining!

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