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Office 365 provisioning now available in Syskit Point

SysKit Point's newest features allow you to take control over your Microsoft 365 workspace creation and ensure proper governance from the beginning of the lifecycle.

Syskit Point 20.0. is out, and it comes with some exciting improvements. With an easy-to-use provisioning workflow, you can control Microsoft 365 workspaces creation and ensure proper governance from the beginning of the lifecycle. Get a glimpse of how other improvements, including the upgrade to Azure cloud, can help your business.

Custom teams templates & approval flows

With Syskit Point provisioning, pre-create workspace templates with different governance rules for each type. You can define policies for regular access reviews, ownership, and a standardized set of apps, channels, and naming conventions – all customizable. Without much manual effort, enforce company security policies and make sure your users get what they need when they need it.

Office 365 provisioning

With the customizable approval processes, you can reduce IT workload and decentralize workspace creation efforts. Choose the number of approval stages and decide who will be the approver for each level. Each workspace request can be approved easily by different types and numbers of users, depending on your business requirements.

Approval Flows

Try Syskit Point via Microsoft Teams

We’ve created a user-friendly Syskit Point Teams application to enable your end-users to request new workspaces while M365 administrators fully control creation. It’s an interface that your end-users already know and love, making it easier for them to adopt Point’s extended functionalities.

In a single interface, get an overview of your active and past requests.

My requests in Teams

Easily select any pre-made templates while creating a request.

Choose your provisioning template

Add details about your new workspace, and configure ownership and membership settings.

Add request details

Get notified about your request status, and have all the information at a glance.

Request status

Delegate security group management

Enable security group owners to manage memberships directly from Syskit Point without granting them privileged access to Azure Active Directory. In a single interface, quickly get all the info regarding owners and members of a security group and manage it in real-time:

  • add or remove new members and owners,
  • promote members to owners,
  • change owners to members.

Customize reviewers in the access reviews process

To perfectly fit your governance needs, we’ve made regular access reviews even more customizable. Decide who are the accountable people required to perform regular checkups on access to company content or external collaboration. Depending on the workspace type, you can choose between:

  • Primary site administrators/owners,
  • Site administrators’ group,
  • Site owners,
  • M365 Group/Team owners,
  • Channel owners.
Custom policies

Use these advanced options and easily exclude different user types in bulk to ensure that only the right users get the task.

Upgrade to Azure Cloud

With the increase in Syskit Point’s usage, we wanted to provide the best service possible for our current and future customers. We’ve migrated Syskit Point to the new modern Azure cloud services. It’s easily accessible from the Azure Marketplace and deployed automatically into your Azure subscription. With this setup, your Microsoft 365 and Syskit Point data remain fully secured and under your supervision.

For more details on the updated Point architecture, make sure to check out our product resources.

Upgrade to Azure

With the new Azure application, we deliver the promise of:

  • Ease of deployment – With one click, deploy from Marketplace, and all the required resources will be automatically provisioned and configured.
  • Operational efficiency – Individually scale each component of the solution to ensure cost optimization and the best performance.
  • Ease of maintenance – As cloud services are highly reliable, there’s no need for ongoing maintenance from the customer’s side.
  • New functionalities & integrations – Get powerful new features, including Microsoft Teams and Power BI integrations and the Provisioning workflows.
  • Ease of update – Global Admins will no longer have to be present to upgrade Syskit Point to a new version since resource group owners can complete this task independently.

If you are an existing customer, please get in touch with your CSM to arrange a guided upgrade with our technical team.

The new Syskit Point lets you control workspaces creation, enable ongoing governance, and supports teams self-service. If you want to see how it works firsthand – schedule a demo!

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