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A year in review – Evolving Syskit Point with customer feedback

For the Microsoft community worldwide and us at Syskit, 2023 has been an interesting year.

In the year with a lot of hype around different shiny new toys, we focused on what we learned from you, our customers, and delivered functionalities that moved the needle on all key pillars of our vision: Visibility, Governance, and Security as well as strengthened our foundations in scalability and performance.

This meant that our efforts were mainly focused on improving Syskit Point’s functionalities in the creation and maintenance phases of the workspace lifecycle. We built on the foundations of Syskit Point in pursuit of top-class performance and scalability, especially given our dedication to supporting and scaling alongside our clients.

On top of that, we expanded our capabilities to better support our customers in their day-to-day management tasks, including, for the first time, the support for GCC high tenants, catering to enterprises with stringent security requirements.

Thank you for bringing us closer to fulfilling our vision to empower IT teams, workspace owners, and end users with a powerful, scalable, and easy-to-use platform for reporting, managing, and governing Microsoft 365 – from workspace creation to its end-of-life.

Let’s quickly recap the key initiatives we were working on.

Eliminating sprawl with Access Requests

Recognizing that workspace sprawl is a critical challenge for many organizations, we directed our initial efforts towards the Creation phase, understanding that creating every new workspace should start with a deliberate search to prevent unnecessary proliferation.

Our “sprawl killer,” comprising the Workspace Centre and Access Requests, emerged as a cornerstone of the creation phase.

The Workspace Center within Syskit Point’s Team App empowers end users to search and request access to Teams, M365 Groups, Sites, Security Groups, Distribution Lists, and Mail-Enabled Security Groups quickly and simply.

This enhanced visibility for end-users translates into significant time savings for IT teams, elevating productivity by preventing the need to handle numerous internal tickets and curtailing sprawl and duplications.

Syskit Point access requests

Enhanced provisioning flexibility

Furthering our focus on the creation phase, we enhanced the provisioning process, granting end-users the autonomy to select custom site URLs and Group emails. For admins, the Syskit Point web app became a centralized hub for addressing access and provisioning requests, offering insights into the causes of request failures and managing workspace sensitivity.

This advancement in the provisioning process epitomizes our user-centric approach, ensuring a smooth and efficient workspace creation experience from both the end user and admin perspectives.

New additions to our toolbox

Understanding that organizations can’t govern what they can’t see, we amplified our efforts in the Visibility pillar. The integration of Distribution Lists and Mail-Enabled Security Groups and the capability to differentiate between cloud and on-premises groups synced to Azure marked a significant progression in enabling IT Teams with more visibility and quick management.

The redesigned dashboard that provides complete visibility

Syskit Point dashboard

A key milestone in 2023 was unveiling Syskit Point’s fresh look following our rebranding. Besides the visual makeover featuring a new color palette, the centerpiece of this transformation is our brand-new homepage, which delivers a seamless experience and a great starting point for your work on our platform. We’ve designed it to offer a holistic view of your Microsoft 365 ecosystem and empower you to make informed decisions and confidently take action during the maintenance phase.

By continuously gathering and incorporating user feedback, we ensure that our platform evolves in a direction that genuinely adds value to our users, enhancing their ability to manage and govern their Microsoft 365 environments effectively.

Enhancing security with the Security & Compliance Dashboard

Within our Security pillar, we introduced the Security and Compliance Dashboard. This functionality lets administrators get a quick overview, identify and address crucial vulnerabilities and compliance issues, and ensure a secure and well-regulated environment.

Continuous governance with Policy Automation

Our Governance pillar received a substantial uplift with the launch of Policy Automation. This feature automates the application of governance policies across workspaces based on set conditions and priorities, ensuring every workspace is monitored and included in the governance process – regardless of how and when it was created.

Concluding with Storage Management

Our focus on Storage Management marked the culmination of our 2023 endeavors. The rollout of Storage Insights, Policies, Notifications, and Optimization tools was pivotal in managing SharePoint storage efficiently. These actions provide comprehensive insights into storage consumption, enabling IT teams to reduce costs and improve the usability of workspaces.

SharePoint storage optimization and management

Conclusion: A Year of empowerment

As we reflect on the journey of Syskit Point in 2023, it is not just the advancements in our platform that stand out but also the recognition we have received. Our efforts and dedication to Microsoft 365 management have been acknowledged in five Gartner reports, a testament to our commitment to excellence and innovation in this field. This distinction, detailed on our reports and industry research page, underscores our position as a leader in providing solutions that resonate with the needs of large organizations and enterprises.

Furthermore, in a year heavily influenced by GenAI tools like Microsoft Copilot, which expose existing security risks, the importance of robust governance has escalated more than ever, pinpointing our focus on providing a comprehensive management and governance platform that empowers IT teams, site owners, and end users – from workspace creation to its end of life.

Syskit Point’s journey through 2023 has been about much more than enhancing features; it has been about listening to our customers and the industry, anticipating, and adapting to the changing dynamics of our digital workplace.

Looking ahead, Syskit Point remains dedicated to staying at the forefront of technological advancements, ensuring our customers are always one step ahead in managing and securing their Microsoft 365 environments.

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