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New Syskit Point welcomes Yammer, M365 Groups, and Sites provisioning!

Boost security with sensitivity labels, stay in the loop with new alerting options, create insightful Power BI reports, and much more.

The new version of Syskit Point is out, and it comes with exciting improvements. With an updated provisioning workflow, you can control the creation of even more Microsoft 365 workspaces and ensure proper governance from the beginning of the lifecycle. Get a glimpse of how other updates, including Sensitivity labels and Point’s Power BI Companion App, can help your business.

Provisioning now available for Yammer, Groups, and Sites

Take full control of your Microsoft 365 environment by setting up easy-to-use templates for each new workspace your users want to create. In addition to the Microsoft Teams provisioning templates, we have added provisioning possibilities for:

  • Yammer Communities,
  • Microsoft 365 Groups,
  • SharePoint Sites.

Now, you can ensure that your other workspaces are created with proper governance wrapped around each of them.

O365 Provisioning Dashboard

All your users need to do is submit a request for a new workspace in the Syskit Point Teams App and follow the steps in an intuitive interface. Besides preventing unnecessary Microsoft 365 workspace sprawl, these improvements also give self-service empowerment to your users and peace of mind to your managers.

Teams New Workspace Request

Get more data from newly requested workspaces

If you have multiple IT and business users as owners, it can be tricky to figure out right away who is primarily responsible for the workspace content. With Syskit Point’s newest version, define who will be the person that will have to periodically validate members and guests, confirm the end of life, and have other predefined responsibilities.

When submitting a request for a new workspace in your environment, you can now simply allow your end-users (requesters) to select additional data such as:

  • Who is the primary contact?
  • Who is the secondary contact?
  • Which department will use the workspace?

Additionally, you will have a fully customizable Terms & Conditions field that your users should read and accept in order to create a new workspace.  You can use all this data for reporting and making more informed decisions.

Workspace Metadata

Enhance security by applying Sensitivity labels

The new Syskit Point welcomes the integration with out of the box Sensitivity labels! This combination allows you to use all the benefits of Sensitivity labels and the ease of management with Syskit Point. You can implement, in other ways unavailable, solutions such as enforcing the security settings on confidential content during the entire lifecycle, and preventing owners from accidental sharing. Now, your IT team can define privacy or guest access per team/group upon creation, without fear of owners additionally changing them.

Sensitivity labels

So, why not schedule more frequent Access Reviews for all those workspaces labeled as Confidential, or give a break to the users reviewing less sensitive data by scheduling a yearly review. You can now sleep better knowing that your environment is even more secure without receiving as many e-mails for checking access to the sites with less confidential data.

Advance reporting with Point’s Power BI Companion App

So much data and never enough reports, don’t you agree? That is why we created a  Syskit Point – Power BI Companion app. Leverage the extensive Power BI charting, analytical, and  reporting functionalities to create reports and charts from Syskit Point data without leaving the Power BI interface. You can easily filter data with a various array of filters when using reports delivered out of the box, in the app, or creating your own.

Power BI Companion app

Get notified when private teams/groups go public

Many organizations have implemented controls during provisioning with required approval for creating publicly accessible content. Even with all those security measures in place, there is a possibility that, after the creation, owners mistakenly change the privacy without any supervision. With the newest alert in our offering, Syskit Point will notify you when this happens so you can be instantly aware of any private team or group made public. Now, you can prevent accidental oversharing and other security breaches in a timely manner.

Get Notified when Private Teams/Groups go Public 

Get notified upon Access Review completion

When managing a multi-owner environment, it is quite usual that one user gets assigned to perform an Access Review. To make sure other owners are in the loop, we have added an e-mail notification that will be sent out to all owners whenever one of them completes the task. By doing so, other owners won’t have to waste any time thinking about the Access Review someone else already completed.

Access Review Completion Notification

The new Syskit Point helps you avoid Microsoft 365 workspace sprawl, enable ongoing governance, and keep a closer look at your sensitive content.

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